Irul Movie Review(3/5)

Irul Movie Review(3/5) : A decent Psychological suspense thriller

The movie starts of bit slowly but picks from the entry point of this guy at the house played by Faahad faasil .That particular room which is completely lit with candles, bar counter at the side, those large mirrors , entire setting is visually stunning and I am sure a lot of effort was required to come up with the setup  .During the debate involving three characters, the way camera moves from one character to another covering the room has been well shot and not something seen quite often . The debate really is interesting with differences of opinion about the serial killer’s motive behind killing girls. The movie is highly engaging when the blame game begins which starts confusing the audience completely. This is the major plus for any psychological thriller as it is successful in playing mind games and starts building suspense nicely. However, I would have liked to have multiple scenes with sudden shock value , there were some in the beginning where the car stops abruptly and also when the mysterious guy opens the door for the couple. About the climax, too much is left to the sensibilities of the viewer. For desi audience, things should be clarified to a great extent and that is the reason it would have been great  if some explanation was given to the events that had taken place

Fahadh Faasil leads the show, superbly handling a single character with different set of mannerisms. His transformation from polished and intense guy to a normal guy is top class. I liked his first look where there is a lot variation in the expressions especially during the serial killer debate .In a movie involving only three characters , each character gets a meaty role . so, in case of Soubin Sahir and Darshana Rajendran ,they have been sincere, but their performance could have been better . Darshana Rajendran playing Archana isconfused , terrified and clueless about what actually is going on and she had the liberty of displaying spectrum of emotions , same with Soubin where he gets ample opportunity to showcase his talent .

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