Is age just a Number?

 Is age just a Number?

With the spike in the number of corona cases, unfortunately lost someone close in his seventies and the couple of incidents that followed were thought-provoking. In case of an elderly person, more often we get to hear comments like the person has already lived so long, no need to be really emotional and there is also an insensitive lot going to extremes of making fun and in judging the grief intensity. It is difficult to understand as the people who have lived long have definitely seen more life, have a lot of memories, countless people and the wide range of relationships shared throughout their life.  When the grief intensity scale is measured based on the age of a person, simply reflects the mind-set of certain section of the society indirectly pointing out that someone lived too long and it is time for them to leave, thought which is so disturbing

If we rewind the events that followed before the person died, there is more pain and suffering in several cases, how he or she was treated by their most loved ones. It is a known fact how much a middle class person has to struggle and the amount of sacrifice that goes while shouldering the responsibilities in keeping the family happy. When it is high time to enjoy and relax, age number starts showing its true face, gradually dependency factor surfaces, magnitude varies though. There are cases where children are staying abroad or different cities and not able to accommodate their parents due to genuine issues and others who can afford demanding more privacy wants them to be shifted to old age homes. Really difficult to react when a person tries to justify spending a lot on a five star old age home or a hospital providing fantastic facilities. Left alone in such luxurious places, sometimes parents are lucky as they get a chance to click selfie posted on the social media with countless comments. However those who really close and genuinely care need more maturity and patience to understand the feelings of their loving parents. As there is every chance of losing their temper at times which is quite natural with changing behavioural pattern seeking more attention, patience really plays a major role. Showering affection, making them talk after those silly fights would definitely help but not to give up any case

With a lot of cases emerging about the people having scarified a lot for the family and suffered badly during next phase of their lives, the mentality of people has also changed drastically. Trying to avoid any dependency issues, the modern day parents  wants to handle their finances shrewdly which is really a fantastic move considering the changing life style during the recent times

In several cases, the main problem lies in our approach in treating a person based on the age factor. Let us treat our parents as normal human beings having every right live their life to the fullest, doing so we are make them feel age is just a number and lead an active, peaceful and better life

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