Joji Movie Review

Joji Movie Review( 3.5/5) : Fahadh Faasil is magnificient in this well made crime drama  demonstrating human nature

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, This movie speaks volumes about human nature and the extremes people go in some situations .There is whole range of emotions , greed ,helplessness , frustration , anger , sadism and humiliation . Almost every alternate scene demonstrates human nature beautifully. Starting from the king of humiliation suffered by joji , as he says it , he is a useless guy and that is probably one of the reasons for his father hating him so much . Jomon bursting crackers during his father’s funeral which is misunderstood by all , in a way he is celebrating his dad’s life who lived like a king . When Bincy , Joji ‘s sister-in law is asking him to wear a mask and come down to the funeral so that people don’t get to see his expressions is fantastic . The movie is really thought provoking and it is common scenario when a rich father is not sharing his wealth among his children. So what is wrong in that , it is his hard earned money and he has got to decide on that  but we don’t see any trace of affection in the father son relationship , it is only the dominating  father and his power controlling them . There is a scene where Joji goes for a morning jog after his father’s death and while witnessing a new sunrise, it is unbelievable to watch that relief in his face . There is no guilt at all and gives an impression that he is celebrating it big time. It is purely how circumstances force an ordinary person to behave like a sadist .I would like to highlight brilliant camera work which captures those estates, beautiful pond where joji goes for fishing and some of the night shots

Also , I need to mention about strong dose of intrigue in the climax .

Now about the performances, Fahadh Faasil is in a terrific form this time portraying Joji magnificently. I liked the scenes when he is trying to convince his father, an attempt which fails miserably. The way he switches over from a loser to an aggressive character shows his class. His performance makes audience connect easily with his character and in that scene where it is new sunrise for him, just need to watch those expressions filled with relief and joy. There is a scene where Jomon starts questing Joji leaving him speechless reflecting class in Fahadh’s performance. PN Sunny playing role of Kuttappan is effective and is really good while handling scenes when he is partially paralysed. Baburaj is commanding as an alcoholic brother and his scenes with the priest where he starts arguing and taking abrupt decisions, he is first Rate . Unnimaya Prased as bincy is so natural makes her presence felt while interacting with Joji

Overall ,Joji is a well-made crime drama with great performances and is worth watch

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