Judgemental hai kya Movie Review :Kangana Ranaut’s incredible act elevates this Psychological thriller

Judgemental hai kya Movie Review :Kangana Ranaut’s incredible act elevates this Psychological thriller

An innocent kid who trying to rescue her mother from an abusive father, accidently results in the death of her parents.  A few years later, this unfortunate incident leaving Bobby( Kangana Ranaut) heavily disturbed , causing a lot of damage to her mental health . She needs be on continuous medication in order to avoid unnecessary trouble for herself and people around her. Despite her problems, she takes up a career as a dubbing artist, dreams of becoming a big heroine. She has a Manger ( Hussain Dalal)whom she exploits to get her things done , keeps safe distance with him and his desperate intentions, A couple next door changes her life with Bobby developing obsession for the married man Keshav( Rajkummar rao).When his wife dies in a gas explosion , Bobby accuses Keshav of killing his wife( Amyra Dastur) . When the investigating officer is convinced about her mental illness, the case is closed. After taking proper medication, she is almost cured. It is an excellent opportunity for her to start a new life,when her cousin ( Amrita Puri) invites  her to London to perform  Sita ‘s role. When she gets to meet her cousin, a big surprise awaits her in London

What is this surprise and how does Bobby take that?  What actually happened to Keshav’s wife ? Does bobby’s mental illness cause her more trouble in London? What about these hallucinations she keeps getting about her interaction with the cockroach? What about those inner voices she keeps hearing, are they for real? What about the information she gets from those inner voices, is she hallucinating? What about her gut feeling about Keshav, is it due the fact that she is obsessed with him or something else?

Director Prakash Kovelmudi successfully manages to create conflict in the minds of the viewer about the Killer. Having managed to get the best out of his star cast, he keeps the craziness and suspense factor very much alive until the climax. However there are some scenes like those Inner voice characters which play a key role in investigation which are less impressive, could have handled it in a better manner. Background music by Daniel George is highly impressive which makes this movie a terrifying, crazy and suspenseful watch

Kangana Ranaut shows yet again that she is one of the finest actors around. Her way of dealing with the hallucinations, helplessness with the medical illness, desperately trying to prove her gut feeling, obsession and lot craziness, this act is simply incredible. She is ably supported by talented Rajkummar Rao who with his brilliant, natural act keeps viewers guessing all the time. Hussain Dalal and Amrita puri are good, Amyra Dastur looks stunning, gets less scope to act though. Sathish  kaushik  is impressive with his different mannerisms. Talented Jimmy shergill is adorable, wasted in such a role though

Overall, a good suspense thriller with loads of craziness and excellent performances

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