Kaanekkaane Movie Review ( 3/5)

Kaanekkaane Movie Review ( 3/5) : Suraj Venjaramoodu and Tovino Thomas shine in this emotional thriller

When you talk about emotional thrillers, don’t find too many movies belonging to that genre. As seen from the trailers, Kaanekkaane looked promising. The movie stars Tovino Thomas ,Aishwarya lekshmi , Suraj Venjaramoodu and Shurthi Ramachandran and let us analyse if it can live up to the expectations

After his wife Sherin meets with an accident, Allen marries Sneha who is a strong, matured woman able to handle her family quite well. Sherin ‘s father visits their house to spend some time with his grandson kuttu , a smart and a bubbly kid. As he is dealing with the court case involving Sherin’s accident, he starts suspecting about the whole incidents that led to his daughter’s tragic death .Now there is a twist in the story.

The movie starts of slowly but due to that suspense element keeps the viewer invested in the plot. After that crucial twist which is almost predictable, we expect it to take a u turn, probably switch to thriller mode. However, there is more focus on exploring human behaviour and heavily relies on emotions. The main three characters and the possible actions that they are forced to take keeps the view guessing .Allen’s character who looks depressed after his wife’s death is confusing as he is supposed to be a good guy and something strange happening around him would confuse the viewer but couple of things that he reveals in the climax scene clears doubts to some extent. Next is Sneha who is a strong , independent matured woman falling for a married man which is again is confusing as their love story part is not clear .Some decisions taken by the central characters may not be acceptable to all and this is what exploring human behaviour is all about . One of the very well shot scenes in the movie is when Allen is asking his father-in –law that he wants to live his life and the response that he gets is solid and thought provoking, entire sequence is really intense with some superb performances. The scene where the major twist happens should have been more intense as it is a shocking moment .Something to add, heavy dose of emotions are handled really well by the director who has been really careful enough to make sure there is no unnecessary melodrama

About the performances, Suraj venjaramoodu clearly steals the show. We are able to feel the pain that he is going through and dilemma this character is facing while handling a real complex situation has been handled brilliantly, a fine performance indeed. Tovino Thomas is fantastic playing Allen who is sort of depressed with a lot of guilt but with some confusion in the viewer’s mind we are not sure most of the time if we should feel for him. Aishwayra Leksmi is first rate, the way she tries to communicate with her husband who is holding something and her best scene is when she just can’t control and breaks down in front of her father


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