Kaappaan Movie Review

Kaappaan Movie Review- Surya Singlehandedly carries this action flick on his strong shoulders

The movies with the patriotic theme always have been successful at the box office as the audience are able to connect with high spirits. KAAPPAAN too banks on the same subject and need to analyse if it is packaged properly to entertain audience in a big way

The movie starts on an interesting note, someone planting bombs on a moving train which explodes at the entry point of the Tunnel. After the minister gets killed during a successful anti-terrorist operation, Prime Minister lauds the team efforts and also the minister who had sacrificed his life during the Mission. The story shifts to a village where we have Kadhir ( Surya) who is an expert in organic farming and also destroys some mysterious camps singlehandedly . One of the captured terrorists reveals about a possible assassination attempt on the Prime Minister during his London Visit. Despite the tight security, there is an attack on the Prime Minister who is saved by kathir watching closely the proceedings. Later on it is revealed that Kathir is an uncover agent, who is promoted as the main security Officer for the Prime Minister. There is another Mysterious character who calls Kathir and his Team , keep throwing challenges at them, next one being another attack on the Prime Minister during his Kashmir Visit

What happens during the Prime Minister’s Kashmir Visit? What about the special kind of fly and does it indicate any chemical war? How does the Prime Minister’s happy go lucky son ( Arya) help his father? Will there be any attacks on Arya as well? Is there any relationship between the Mysterious caller who is mastermind behind the attacks and Kathir ?

Director KV Anand has mixed a lot of things, Attack on the Prime minster with a solid motive, organic farming, concept of fly used for destruction, Anti-terrorist activities and some suspense surrounding the main villain . There are couple of assassination plots and Kv Anand ‘s execution has been efficient. The shots of the moving train with an explosion at the tunnel has been superbly shot . Some of the twists are Interesting .However, there are some scenes which look silly like the too cool attitude of Arya and his presence during the important meetings held by the Prime Minister. Harris Jayraj music is excellent with foot tapping numbers. Special mention about the Amigo song which has been brilliantly choreographed

Surya and his chiselled body show the dedication and hard work while preparing for the role of Undercover Agent and Prime Minister’s chief security officer. Along with some mind-blowing action, he also excels in comedy and dancing. His act covers some of the loopholes in the script , elevating the standards of this action flick. Mohanlal is dignity personified, hope the directors give him better roles as he definitely deserves more than this , Sayyeshaa manages to get good footage and does full justice to her role.Arya  sincerely following instructions from the director  entertains with his cool act. Chirag jani is quite Impressive. Boman Irani plays his part well




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