Kabadadaari Movie Review

Kabadadaari Movie Review : Solid plot and brilliant background score makes this a worth watch

Directed by  Pradeep krishnamoorthy  ,  starring Sibi Satyaraj, Nasser,Jayaprash , Suman ranganth, Samapth maitryea and Nanditha Swetha ,this  is movie is a remake of kannada movie kavaludaari .  The movie starts with some mysterious happenings during the 70 s which then shifts to the recent times where we have our traffic cop shakthi  who is desperate to get  into the crime department . Completely ignored by his seniors, he gets a golden opportunity when skeletal remains are found on Metro construction site. Going against his seniors, shakthi continues his investigation and able to relate it to the crime scene involving the Archaeological department 40 years ago.

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