Kabir Singh Movie review : Shahid kapoor delivers his career best performance

Kabir Singh Movie review : Shahid kapoor delivers his career best performance

Having seen enough of heroes in perfect gentleman type roles, now Kabir singh gives us an opportunity to judge a hero who does all dirty things in life leading to self-destruction

We have kabir singh( Shahid kapoor) playing an  ill-tempered genius  medical student who instantly falls for his junior Preethi ( Kiara advani) . He makes everyone clear in the college that preethi is his girl and even shifts her to boys hostel when she is injured. Even preethi starts responding to Kabir’s feelings and they become simply inseparable. They manage to keep their love alive despite being in distant locations, Kabir pursuing his MS in a foreign University while preethi  is still in Delhi Medical College. After couple of years, when both return to Mumbai, it is celebration time at Kabir’s house as his brother ( Arjun Bajwa)is getting married. Not Impressed with Kabir’s antics during their first meeting and his carefree attitude when he spots them on his terrace,preethi’s father  does not approve their relationship. Kabir tries to control himself and convince preethi’s family politely . When his brilliant efforts fail, turns aggressive and gives preethi just 6 hours to decide about their future. While his brother’s wedding celebration are in full swing, he is in a pathetic condition due to drug over dosage. All hell breaks loose, when he discovers preethi is already married. He is kicked out of his house , starts leaving alone with only one loyal college friend supporting him

He just can’t take this and starts doing crazy, dirty things leading to self-destruction. Gradually, a genius Surgeon becomes a full blown alcoholic, drug addict and a womanizer. Any women he meets, there is direct proposal for having physical relationship with him. One has to sympathise with the healthy looking maid who just keeps running to escape from him. It would be interesting to see if Kabir singh manages to stop his self-destruction ? if he stops, what is the motivation ?how his family and friends try hard to get him out of this mess? Will he fall in love gain in life ?. Watch the movie to find out the answers

Despite the movie having running time around 3 hours, Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has ensured that it is fast paced. He has extracted best out of shahid kapoor and rest of the cast. Although some people may not like him glorifying kabir’s crazy ,dirty acts , majority of them seem to have enjoyed it as it clear from the audience reaction in the cinema halls. Some interesting facts like the strong family and friends support needed to lead a new life in case of self-destruction has been shown brilliantly. That scene during Dadi’s funeral .someone uses the word “body” and Kabir losing his cool is thought-provoking. However the climax should have been more aggressive and powerful.

This is Shaid Kapoor’s show all the way. He is effortless, superb in bringing Kabir singh alive on the screen . Some of the scenes like when he starts simply running after hearing about Preethi’s marriage, one could easily relate to his pain. Next one is when he feels that he is cheating his profession, his struggle to express the truth in front of the committee. He is natural to the core when he performs all those dirty, violent crazy acts. There is a always a big risk in opting for this role as some of his female following may find it offensive. This one will always be rated as one his career best performances. For rest of supporting cast Arjun Bajwa shines as kabir’s responsible brother. Soham Majumdar as his loyal friend is first rate.  Kira advani looks innocent and performs her part well. Both kamini kaushal and suresh oberio are adorable,

Watch this one for Shahid Kapoor, he will never disappoint you


Verdict : ***


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