Kadaram Kondan Movie review – A slick action entertainer

Kadaram Kondan Movie review – A slick action entertainer

Extensively shot in Malaysia, this movie starts with KK( Vikram) who is having some suspicious past , keeps running from couple of people, meets with an accident lands up in hospital which employs  young doctor who is  recently shifted to Malaysia with his pregnant wife ( Akshara Hasan) . Vasu prefers night shift in order to take care of his pregnant wife , who badly wants him to talk to her mother who seem to be angry with them. When the same crowd tries to attack KK in the hospital Vasu rescues him and later realises that his wife has been kidnapped and in exchange he has to get KK out of the hospital. Vasu , suddenly shows his heroism in taking KK to the place mentioned by the Kidnapper, due to the  involvement of another set of people , fails to get his wife back. Having stuck with KK , both of them running for their life, discover  some interesting facts .Also, the bad rivalry between the two investigating officers impacts the proceedings

What is the Mystery surrounding KK? Does Vasu Manage to rescue his wife with the help of KK ? How is rivalry between the officers impacting the investigation?

Director Rajesh selva ‘s direction is highly impressive with mixture of action, mystery and emotions in the first half. While the second half with better writing would have been more gripping, he compensates  with some well executed chase and high octane action .Srinivas  Gutha’s cinematography is good ,manages to show exotic locations in Malaysia  stylishly

Vikram ‘s  efficient handling of action scenes with new super stylish avatar makes this one highly entertaining. It is Abi hasan as Vasu, a simple guy , who is at the wrong place, willing to go to any extent to save  his family is so natural. It is unfortunate that Akshara hasan just gets couple of scenes, she is highly impressive though. Leena as the investigating officer is first rate

If you are an action film lover with some mystery element, this one is a must watch

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