Kaithi Movie Review

Kaithi Movie Review: Karthi fires on all cylinders in this top class intense Thriller

An interesting premise, mind-blowing action , Gripping script and terrific performances is Karthi’s Diwali release Kaithi all about.

The movie starts with the efficient officers uncovering a major drug racket  and seizing multimillion dollar worth dangerous stuff .When the drug mafia becomes desperate to recover their stuff using powerful  links which include some top officers from the narcotics department,  interesting details are discovered about a mysterious informer from their own gang. The drug mafia targets the officers behind the successful operation at the party , leaving the efficient officers fighting for life. Only Inspector Bejoy ( Narain) who due to specific reason refused the  drinks offer ,watches the whole team go down in front of him. He badly needs a lorry driver to reach Police Commissioner’s Office and also to provide medical assistance for the whole team. He finds an interesting character Dilli( Karthi)  who is just released from the prison and desperate to see his daughter for the first time in his life . Initially Dilli refuses to be involved in this, accepts the proposal for the sake of his daughter. Now we have Dilli,Inspector Bejoy  and the youngster Kamatchi who is with the team to direct them towards their safe destination. At the Police Commissioner’s office there are some young engineering students and  a constable who has been posted to that location ,both seem to have landed at the wrong time. There is continuous attack on the lorry desperately trying to reach the destination point ,and also at the police station targeting bunch of innocent people

How does Dilli tackle the drug mafia gang?  Does he still continue with this mission when he hears his daughter’s voice for the first time? How do the bunch of young students and an experienced constable tackle the massive attack? What about the police informer and the Mystery boss of the highly powerful Drug mafia?

Director Lokesh Kanakraj with his gripping script delivers a racy thriller . His terrific direction makes kaithi a superior watch. He treats audience with some brilliant action , unexpected twists  and interesting characters . Some of the scenes with high emotion quotient and  timely punches have been handled efficiently Mostly shot during the night, visuals that follow path of the lorry at various points  are simply stunning. However, the climax could have been handled better, with more realistic one instead of adopting super hero approach

Karthi delivers a knockout performance perfectly balancing his act between the emotional father and an aggressive man on a specific mission.  His expressions clearly showing his desperation after failing to reach his daughter is simply superb. Narain looks intense and Dheena is first rate, excels in some of those timely punches

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