Kala Movie Review ( 3.25/5)

Kala Movie Review ( 3.25/5) : Tovino Thomas delivers a knock out performance

The movie which has been completely shot around the estate is visually appealing. During the first half, the movie has been effective in terms of building those anxious moments . The audience are aware something is going to happen and that builds up the tension nicely and director Rohit V.S has been successful in creating those moments very well . With no time to relax at all , the first half is furiously paced . Right from that scene when the labourers start marching into the estate ,swinging from one to tree to another while plucking areca nuts, there are couple of other scenes which makes Kala an edge of a seat thriller . The second half , once the suspense is out , the focus is on action and human behaviour when exposed to different situations . The fight sequences have been brilliantly choreographed which has been shot in the middle of the forest . Talking about the human behaviour, one of the guys wants to chase another guy like a wild pig for the reason that other guy has hurt his pet. Interestingly, the same person does not realise how much he had tortured the wild pig. There is a scene when Tovino Thomas tells this guy to take his dog simply indicates the fact that people just care for themselves in desperate situations . Above all the greed factor which is beautifully demonstrated when shaji wants to save his pepper inspite of a lot of things happening out there. Apart from the mind blowing action , the second has some thought provoking moments . however by now u guy must have already realised that this is going to be an violent affair

Tovino Thomas has been simple outstanding who has not excelled in fight sequences but also commanding while demonstrating complex human emotions. Towards the end when Shaji is totally helpless and scared, that particular scene which is one of the defining moments of the movie, Tovino Thomas delivers a knockout performance.  A big thumbs up for Sumesh Moor for his fabulous act . The smiling assassin with animal instincts, this guy has been amazing throughout the movie. Look at the expressions when he walks out cool after all that violent stuff, simply first rate . Divya Pillai portraying the simple house wife is natural to the core and her performance makes you connect well with the simple family in the first few scenes of the movie .Lal makes his presence felt and should see his expression when he says his stuff matters a lot to him than his son

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