Kalki Movie review( 3.0/5) : Tovino’s new Mass Avataar adds extra spice to the hard-core masala entertainer

Kalki Movie review( 3.0/5) : Tovino’s new Mass Avataar adds extra spice to the hard-core masala entertainer

Sometimes even tried and tested masala thrillers are a delight to watch over and again if packaged properly.  Tovino Thomas Starrer Kalki belongs to that category of hard-core mass entertainer. Let us find out if it can be successful in providing wholesome mass entertainment

Basically the story is set in a village called Nanchenthotta which is supposed to be at the Kerala Tamilnadu border. While it is controlled by ruthless politicians Amar ( Shivajit) and Appu , unable to cope up with the situation , a honest Police officer commits suicide. We have a new officer K( Tovino Thomas) with new getup ready to tackle the corrupt politicians . K finds an Interesting team in couple of honest cops who starts supporting him with high spirits. When Ummer( Harish Uthaman) , Amar’s henchman lands up at one of the cop’s house and starts giving threats to them, K’s team counter attacks with a smart move , reaching  Ummer’s home  and K starts chatting with Ummer’s wife. Despite spirited fight back from K’s team . goons continue their attack  and situation takes a serious turn  when one of the team members, an innovative explosive specialist is brutally murdered. Even an activist who works for the development of people forced to live in slums gets murdered with the  body parts being scattered at different places. How does Kalki deal with this extreme situation and put an end to the goonda raj of Amar ?

Director Praveen Prabharan has stuck to the root basics of a commercial action thriller. With some really interesting moments, Kalki is a gripping watch . The way K and team counter attacks Ummer and bunch of youngsters , attack on Kalki by the riverside when one his team members is mercilessly killed have been superbly shot. However a section of the audience may feel the violence threshold clearly reaching saturation point

Tovino Thomas with his new avatar, keeps it simple, completely plays it to the gallery which is the preliminary requirements of a masala thriller. He has clearly done his homework for the kind of transformation needed for the role. He must have worked hard on his physique to suit the requirements if a  hard-core cop and excels in fights as well.  Shivajith with his brilliant portrayal of Amar is impactful. Harish Uthaman is impressive.Saiju kurup plays his part well. Samyuktha menon  is first rate, her character should have been more powerful though. Rest of the supporting cast including sudheesh, Vini Vishwa, KPAC Lalitha ably support Tovino Thomas

A gripping Tale with loads of masala and hard-core action


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