Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal Movie Review( 3/5) – Youthful Tech savvy Entertainer

Always the youthful movies with the cool and carefree attitude coupled with peppy numbers and hilarious moments have been immensely successful among all age categories. In addition to the normal packaging of youth-centric genre, this movie starring Dulquer Salmaan also shows the usage of advanced technology by the younger generation to suit their needs

While the happy go lucky youngsters Siddharth( Dulquer Salmaan) and Kallis( Rakshan) enjoying every bit of their life, things starts changing for them when former falls for a simple and caring girl  Meera(  Ritu Verma). Without knowing much about the youngsters and the nature of their work through which they are leading luxurious life style , Meera accepts the proposal from Siddharth. The carefree youngsters with dreams of settling down decide not to get involved in any Tech-robbery which had become part and parcel of their lives and start a new life in Goa. Unfortunately, when Officer Prathap( Goutham Vasudeva Menon) is impacted by one of their crimes, he starts investigating to trace the culprits involved in those intelligently planned thefts. While four youngsters are holidaying in Goa, suddenly Officer Prathap after gathering some clues reaches the resort leading to a big twist in the story

What kind of HI –Tech robbery are the youngsters planning intelligently? How does the strict officer investigate the organised thefts which finally leads him to a resort in Goa? What is the big twist at the interval point? What are the thrilling incidents that take place in the lives of youngsters during the post interval?

The youthful movie provides wholesome entertainment with some hilarious and thrilling moments. The perfect combination of feel good moments coupled with twists and thrills from Tech savvy youngsters makes it really interesting. In a way, the movie is informative clearly indicating how people can be easily fooled using advanced technology. The ATM sequence when the cash gets stuck, usage of infra-red rays for blocking the cameras, thefts occurring while ordering online are few instances showing how a common man is targeted and criminals getting away easily with the crimes . Also the brilliant visuals and peppy numbers make the youthful thriller a refreshing watch. The climax could have been handled well as it gives the feel of fluctuating and abrupt ending

Dulquer Salmaan shines in the role of a youngster with a cool attitude and is so adorable when he proposes to Meera in a most simple manner. Rakshan playing kalllis is simply top class with a perfect comic timing who also excels in emotional scenes. Ritu Varma is expressive and her portrayal as a simple and kind girl is quite impressive, Niranjani Ahathian paying Meera’s friend keeps low profile that comes naturally to her. It is a good thing that all four youngsters are natural to the core that makes this movie an engaging watch. The different handling of the Cop role investigating a crime by Goutham Vasudeva Menon with those unconventional nuances is one of the highlights of the movie. Unfortunately you don’t get to see more of him in the second half as the audience would have expected more wonders from that stellar performance

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