Karnan Movie Review ( 4/5)

Karnan Movie Review ( 4/5) :  Dhanush and Mari selvarj combination create magic making this a must watch

This rural based move beautifully shows the varied customs and the lifestyles of a village during the first half. Full marks to the Director Mari Selvaraj for executing some of the scenes with a great impact . He demonstrates the usage of symbolism brilliantly , the girl with the colourful mask appearing throughout the movie at regular intervals , Inspector fishing  indicating his next move  and lot more that keeps the audience focussed. Apart from the opening scene with a girl lying on the road with no one offering help to that sequence where karna and his men damage the bus badly, it is the superb execution by Selvaraj which is able to create that kind of impact . I also loved the funeral scene where people try to be happy dancing and singing but find it difficult to control their emotions after a certain point . After the Bus incident movie really starts getting intense with villagers well prepared to face the consequences and Karnan preparing them for the big fight. The second half is really fast and highly engaging with several top class scenes  and I loved that inspiration song “Uttradheenga eppouv”  which shows the spirited villagers ready to go for the kill.

About the performances , This should be one of Dhanush’s carreer best performances and he delivers a masterstroke .His character when provoked  loses patience completely and his reaction changes a lot of things around him and this is the point Dhanush’s  performance becomes really special . From the first time when he tries to jump off the bus to convincing his people not to remain silent and fight against exploitation, he is at his level best in terms of varied expressions . His performance at the funeral with that crazy dancing trying to hide his emotions and serious encounters with the inspector all contribute to a terrific performance. Lal , who is supporting Karnan throughout the movie , delivers a knockout performance . The kind of friendship they share, their fights with both actors complimenting each other brilliantly takes the movie to a different level . There is a scene where Lal tries to steal 10 rupees from this old lady and the way she reacts is loaded with cuteness. Lakhmi Priyaa playing karnan’s sister clearly makes her presence felt in the scene where she realises about his love and the way she reacts violently, simply superb. Rajisha Vijayan proves that it is a tailor made role for her handling the character of Karnan’s love interest confidently and effortlessly

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