Karthikeya2 Movie Review

Karthikeya2 Movie Review ( 3.75/5) : Super exciting thrilling adventurous ride

Having known that the first part was a good mystery thriller with interesting elements was keen to watch the sequel. Did it live up to the expectations for the kind of hype that has been created, let us find out from the detailed analysis

To make things clearer there is no connection with first part as the sequel has a different story and setting so audience can start watching it as a fresh subject. It begins with the a mythological story having some links with the modern era where an archaeologist  eager to find out crucial information from the Greek library about lord Krishna ‘s precious anklet . The story shifts to karthikeya, an expert at exposing myths and fraudsters manipulating people .A strange incident at his place takes him to Dwaraka where he meets badly injured professor researching on precious ornament. Karthikeya is then charged for murder, meets Mughda, Professor’s granddaughter and the duo start digging deeper into the research. As they start accumulating clues, Karthikeya realises this is something really big and all set for a thrilling adventure with mugda and couple of guys

Firstly what is the relation between Karthikeya and the professor?  What is so special about this ornament as there are many people coming after karthikeya and Mugda ?  How does he decode the clues finally making this challenging, adventurous , mysterious mission possible forms the rest of the story

The movie definitely is an interesting watch for the manner in which it connects mythological story to the modern era followed by a spectacular adventurous ride. Something really interesting, the audience are able to connect with the fantasy part making it look real which is a big plus for this type of thrillers. The reference about the much talked advanced technology in the modern era and instances proving that it was present since ages is a valid point. This thrilling ride works mainly for its fabulous locations, superb background music, mysterious clues and brilliantly executed scenes by director Chandoo mondeti connecting stories between the 2 different periods . Not sure if there was any movie which has captured the beauty of Dwaraka so well  integrating it effectively into the main storyline . If the pre interval portions concentrates more on connecting the dots, there is more adventure and some marvellous sequences during the later part, especially last thirty minutes has been really fantastic. If the Karthikeya 1 was more of suspense , this  concentrates on exciting adventure . It keeps getting bigger and we already have glimpses of third part which could be more exciting

With lot of positives, I felt movie should have continued or another 20 minutes in order to provide more extra dose of entertainment. Although there was little comedy, should have been more to make this exciting ride full of fun. It would have been really great if the two stories were properly linked somehow that would have helped the marketing strategy as well

Nikhil Siddhartha  looking fit and has been in great form making this adventurous ride extra exciting . This kind of massive fantasy thriller requires a superhero to work and Nikhil’s sincere efforts shows on the screen .Giving him company is Anupama  Parameswaran with a different  ,glamorous getup  comes up with a decent act . Need to mention about Anupam kher who shows his class in a scene where he explains about lord Krishna being everything and the sequence is one of the highlights of the movie works mainly for his brilliance

Go enjoy this super exciting ride!!!!!


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