Khaali Peeli Movie Review

Khaali Peeli  Movie Review( 3/5) –  Ishan khattar clearly steals the show

The plot involving people on the run and the story revolving around the interesting set of characters, lot of comic sequences in between and wholesome thrills make an exciting watch. Let us analyze Khaali  Peeli  with a similar plot , if has all the necessary ingredients to make it a gripping and an entertaining watch

The movie opens with a taxiwala Vijay/Blakie ( Ishaan Khattar)who takes out his taxi during the on-going strike and is asking for more trouble when a runaway bride Pooja( Ananya Pandey)  boards his taxi. While pooja unwilling to marry an aged person, flees with expensive jewellery and Vijay demands a hefty price to drop her safely outside the city.  A lot about their childhood is revealed, interesting facts about Vijay getting nickname blakie based on his antics and gutsy blakie falling for Pooja right from those days. Things turn worse for Blakie as his powerful boss  and idol Yusuf ( Jaideep Ahlawat) controlling  the area  gives clear instructions to distance himself from Pooja causing the rift between the teenager and the don .The present day youngsters not knowing about their relationship from the childhood days, start dealing with the goons and cops  effectively to reach their destination . When  their journey is temporarily halted  due to traffic ,start enjoying  Mela happening close by and  Pooja realises about her lost childhood friend is the same with whom she has been travelling during the past couple of hours ,what follows is a  twist in the story

What incident forces Vijay to leave Pooja during their childhood days? Why does Yusuf want blakie to stay away from Pooja ? What is the twist when Pooja realises about her lost childhood friend is the same guy with whom she has been travelling with? What can they expect during the rest of their journey and what happens to their love story which was cut short due to circumstances?

Directed by Maqbool Khan, the first half of the movie runs superfast, with not even a single dull moment, manages to entertain to a great extent. With major portions shot during the night in the heart of the city and sequences shifting between present and past , a lot happens at a decent place keeping viewers engaged all the time .It is during the second half the movie slows down  which is balanced by good performances and brilliantly choreographed dance number .Despite having nothing new and predictable after certain point  , adopting a simple formula of a good commercial cinema works big time for this movie

Ishan khattar clearly the steals show with his acting abilities. Already known for his dancing skills, proves he is good at action sequences  as well and the manner in which he has mastered the  accent required for the role clearly indicating the kind of homework work he has done. Ananya pandey does a commendable job in a role demanding emotions and guts during the thrilling ride . Jaideep Ahlawat with his serious expressions is impactful. A big shout for the actors who played younger vijay and pooja showing a lot of promise and confidence

The movie has some drawbacks, already mentioned about the pace dropping during the later phase and also the comedy sequences simply not enough for this kind of genre. The jail sequence when Vijay on purpose gets arrested and scenes that follow fails to impress, really wanted an extra dose of comedy ,same goes with action  sequences as well. The continuous shift between present and past may be irritating for a certain section of the audience

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