KOLAIGARAN Movie review: This suspense thriller will keep you guessing

KOLAIGARAN Movie review: This suspense thriller will keep you guessing 

Suspense thrillers usually are considered risky affair due to low re-watch Value. However we have seen in the recent times a lot of Mystery/Suspense thrillers turning out to be money spinners

Kolaigaran falls in the category of Mystery thrillers with a lot of twist to keep viewers engaged. Without wasting any time, movie starts with a murder scene and Investigation is on. This is followed by another gruesome murder with body being completely burnt. Identification of the body leads to Vamsi , a close relative of Politician in Hyderabad . Vamsi keeps torturing  Dharini ( Ashima Narwal), who unable to fight his bad intentions, shifts to Chennai. When she realises that Vamsi is in her home town , she is terrified. There is this silent looking Prabhakaran ( Vijay Anthony) who  is Dharini’s  neighbour and has some special feelings for her. When Investigating office ( Arjun Sarja) takes up this case , he has his own set of queries which he and his senior officer( Nassar) try to figure out. How do they solve this twin murder case?.Are these Murders related to Prabhakaran, Dharini and Vamsi?. What is the motive behind the murders? .  Need to watch the movie to find the answers

Kolaigran is definitely an edge the of seat thriller which keeps the audience guessing all the time. There are lot of twists throughout the Movie with a crisp running time of about 2 hours and a solid pace . Most Important thing is about the mystery part which is difficult to guess and identity of the Killer is kept under wraps till the climax. Once the identity of the killer is revealed, it satisfies the viewer completely without creating any confusion .All these ingredients makes Kolaigaran a  superb watch

Andrew Louis backed up by a solid script, takes the movie to a complete different level. He does everything right , two songs could have been avoided though. Instead  extra scenes with  thrills and mystery  would have been effective. Background score by Simon King compliments the Mystery factor very well. Performance wise, Arjun Sarja as clever Investigating officer, does wonderful Job. His Analysis of the Case and interactions with Vijay Antony are  first rate. Vijay Antony ‘s serious  expressions   suits the role as he plays it without  going over the top .He could have showed more expressions while handling the scenes involving romantic angle. Ashima Narwal looks good , tried her best to play someone  terrified , gets involved in an unwanted situation . Actor playing Vamsi’s  character  is simply class showcasing evil in him.Nassar as usual is dignified in his senior officer role. Seeta as Ashim Narwal’s mother player her part neatly

If you like Suspense/ Mystery Thrillers Kolaigaran is definitely for you. Don’t miss this one


Verdict – 3.5 Stars



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