Kotigobba 3 Movie Review (3.5/5): A super stylish commercial entertainer

Kotigobba 3 Movie Review (3.5/5): A super stylish commercial entertainer

After a long wait, Kotigobba3 is finally  released on 15th October  . Along with Sudeep ,the movie stars Aftab Shivdasani , Madonna Sebastin , Shraddha Das, P . Ravishankar and has been directed by Shiva Karthik

Bit about the storyline, Satya who keeps bashing baddies and diverting their illegal money to fund his orphanage and to help the needy. He has this special bonding with little girl who calls him her son. When Satya takes his little mother to Poland to treat her illness, he meets this good hearted Indian doctor and it is love at first sight for Satya. During his stay, there are blasts happening around the city and someone named ghost is targeting criminals and planning to steal the most expensive jewel crown. When the Interpol start tracking ghost, Satya becomes their main suspect. There is also a mention about another character Shiva ,who are these three characters and the relation between is a mystery . What happens next forms the rest of the story

I would say Kotigabba3 is a super stylish commercial entertainer. Director /Writer Shiva Karthik has packed in all the necessary ingredients starting from multiple avatars of Sudeep , superbly choreographed  action sequences , mother-son sentiments and the mystery element . In addition this has a solid supporting cast .Director has left no stone unturned to make every frame, characters and locations look sophisticated and stylish. Speaking about the first half, after that Sudeep ‘s blockbuster entry and item song , routine thing, the movie has interesting moments when it shifts to Poland . Once it manages to crates the confusion the mind of the viewer, carries mystery element to second half making it more engaging. As the  plot revolves around the three characters Satya , Shiva and Ghost during this period  which makes it gripping . Once the mystery element is about to be out, it is more predictable. Loved the title song Kotigobb3 , it has been superbly shot .Little bit more about the first half , with multiple characters and story  constantly changing places , writing should have been really tight . However, with exciting background score and stylishly shot sequences, director makes sure there are no dull moments at all

About the performances, Sudeep portraying Shiva, Satya and Ghost and it is good to see him in multiple avatars. If one of the characters is total mass ,other one is classy. Sudeep is effortless and does full justice to both the characters. I felt his mass avatar has a slight edge over the other. Madonna Sebastin is impressive with her smile and provides some light moments. Aftab Shivdasani looks dashing as a chief officer dealing with international crime showing maturity, dignity and aggressiveness . Shraddha Das ‘s character needed a perfect blend of intelligence and  glamour , she is perfectly cast and plays the role with a lot of elegance . Ravi Shankar is hilarious .In spite of having few scenes ,Abhirami is top class and she manages to get some sharp dialogues to complement her superb act . Nawab Shah as the crime lord is first rate .

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