Kurup Movie Review ( 3.5/5) – Highly engaging second half and Dulquer Salmaan raise the standards of this crime thriller

Kurup Movie Review ( 3.5/5) –  Highly engaging second half and Dulquer Salmaan raise the standards of this crime thriller

The crime thriller opens with retirement scene of the most efficient DYSP Krishnadas and one of the young officers in department finds a dairy with details about one of the most complicated cases that the able officer had solved .That is the beginning of Kurup story who is born as Gopikrishnan Kurup to a middle class family, joins Airforce after failing to clear PUC exams . GK Kurup shifts to Chennai for his initial training and starts acting smart and getting punished by seniors. It is time for new relationships as he finds a friend in Peter and his future wife Sharada. Such a jovial guy suddenly becomes serious and it is a shocker for Peter and Sharda when they receive news about his suicide. Before Sharda could recover from the shock, suddenly she finds him alive and after some convincing, he marries her and the couple move to Persia . When all is well, suddenly Kurup who is now Sudhakar kurup wants to move back to India and has big plans. What happens when he starts executing his plans and what is the mystery surrounding Kurup , how he becomes fugitive on run forms the rest of the story

It is during the second half, the movie just explodes. It is thoroughly gripping with gradual release of information on Kurup , his major plans and massive criminal plot . All those unanswered questions during the first half will be answered making sure that you are glued on to the seats. As the movie progresses, the magnitude of crime increases multifold and there are some shocking twists. When we talk about the manhunt versus Kurup’s criminal mind, I would say the plans executed by the fugitive are more entertaining. Having said that some of the scenes look bit casual as Kurup manages to work as a driver for police department when his wanted photos are splashed everywhere in the city . Also there is mention about his family and kids and that part is almost missing when he is on the run and making his escape plans. Talking about the first half, when Kurup falls for Sharda , the whole sequence is shot differently and is impressive . However at the interval point one might think it is just some sort of a predictable crime scene. The simple reason being when Kurup returns from Persia and narrates his plan, it is Pillai ‘s character takes the centre stage and even the investigation gives us an impression that it may not be that huge as one would have expected  .  There was need for an extra effort while executing the investigation and manhunt sequences

Dulquer Salmaan with his super fit physique and mind-blowing energy levels is amazing to watch . Right from his Air force days to a deadly fugitive on run he is highly entertaining. While portraying a high profile criminal, I wish script should have given more opportunities to show his evil side that would have been an additional boost to this superb act. Shobhita even while portraying a simple emotional girl looks glamorous and those initial scenes with Kurup are cute with couple sharing great chemistry . Another actor who clearly steals the show is Shine Chacko .Portraing role of Bhasi Pillai , he is terrific , right from that indecent behaviour at the airport  to opening up graves , hesitation during the investigation, simply first rate . Indrajit sukumaran puts up a dignified show

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