Law Kannada Movie Review

Law Kannada Movie Review – Interesting and different subject that should have been handled better

An interesting plot which has never told before with the right mixture of suspense and court-room drama forms the core plot of this thriller

The movie is bang on target when Nandini( Ragini Prajwal)  chased by goons  requests help from the young couple enjoying their romantic ride in the middle of the night . When Nandini tries her level best to report about the horrifying crime, the cops refuse take her seriously and to her sheer surprise her father( Avinash) too is not interested to take the case further.  Totally disappointed with on-going events and trying to head home, she is attacked again and when she wakes up , she is surprised to learn about the entire day being lost  . Having made up her mind to track down the culprits makes a brave attempt to singlehandedly investigate the crime. Now she has to fight her own case in the court against a shrewd lawyer ( Rajesh Nataranga) who has good contacts with the powerful politicians . However, it is very surprising when the culprits fail to identify the victim and fail to recollect anything about the crime which is a big mystery .Also Nandini gets some advice from her talented friend Dashami( Siri Prahlad) and her father ( Achyutha Kumar) , whom she considers family and keep visiting  them more frequently

How does a Nandini gather solid evidence to fight her case against the criminals with strong political background? What are the surprise findings from the Investigating officer  Brahma (Krishna Hebbale) ?What is the reason behind the culprits not able to recollect anything about the crime ?  What is the contribution of Dashami and her dad in this controversial case?

This courtroom thriller has been successful in keeping the viewer’s guessing throughout the first half. Apart from the mind games, it also demonstrates how smartly social media can be used by ordinary people willing to fight against the system. However the required intensity in handling such powerful subject is totally missing. The sensitive subject of reporting gang rape in a police station or the court-room scenes, fails to create an impact due to some unnecessary comedy elements diluting the serious premise

Ragini Prajwal bags a meaty role with multiple shades and manages to partially provide justice to the powerful role. That extra sparkle and energy levels is missing in her act. Siri prahlad is quite impressive with her cute expressions. Krishna Hebbale and Rajesh Nataranga play their part quite well. Rest of the strong supporting cast that includes Sudharani, Achyuth Kumar  and Mandya Ramesh gets minimum screen space .  Although Mukhyamantri chandru is adorable with his comic timing, his characterisation suffers as this is the kind of  role which required more maturity and dignity

A powerful and unusual subject handled with more maturity could have resulted in a gripping thriller


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