Lock up Movie Review – An interesting plot, needed more realistic approach

Lock up Movie Review – An interesting plot, needed more realistic approach

An on-going murder investigation which reflects the happenings within the police department is the basic plot of the latest crime thriller written and directed by SG Charles. Let us try to analyse the treatment of this different story with a mix of suspense and a whole lot of shocking events happening within the department

The movie starts with a bang when there is a case of double murder and officer Ilavarasi( Easwari Rao)  has been asked to rush for the Investigation. The bodies of a corrupt inspector  and domestic help Malliga are traced at different locations .As Ilavarasi starts her preliminary investigation,, Malliga’s little son accompanied by his alcoholic father wants to report about his missing mother. The case of first murder is already solved with Ramar, a small-time goon confessing to the crime. However, the lady officer is not at all convinced with Ramar’s statement and starts her investigation in full swing. Another  two interesting charaters , PC Vasanth ( Vaibhav)and  officer Murthy ( Venkat Prabhu),assisting her in the investigation ,both of them desperate for the promotion and well prepared to go to extremes

What is the main link between the two murders and how does Officer Ilavarasi solve this case? How are the other two investigating officers related to the victims?  How are some of the shocking truths in the department badly exposed?

The positive factor is an interesting story line that deals with lot of happenings with the department. There is desperation for the position, crime and the exploitation of juniors by the senior officers which is executed quite well. The movie runs at a decent pace taking into account the short running time. There are timely twists keeping the viewer guessing, but the mystery part is partially predictable though .However, some loop holes in the script and silly sequences, takes away the solid impact. Take the case of the kid being taken for the identification of the body and the matured police officer not being aware of the motive while dropping women at someone’s place known for his indecent behaviour. Also, the thriller of this sorts dealing with the force needed a realistic approach, but the kind of treatment before the  climax involving super hero efforts was not expected, this plot is not child’s play for sure

Venkat Prabhu keeps it simple with his natural and solid performance. He is so effective even with those cool expressions reflecting the feelings of a person prepared for everything without any feeling of guilt, quite impressive .Vaibhav is pretty decent showing signs of desperation, helplessness, true feelings of a person who is taken for a ride and dealing with it smartly .Easwari Rao plays her part quite well, but should have limited that sarcastic smile which keeps going through the entire investigation process

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