London confidential Movie Review

 London confidential Movie Review – More of an investigative thriller

Looks very promising from the start with the mention about a new virus spreading rapidly  at the India china border .The Indian undercover agent Biren ( Diljohn Singh) is in direct contact with his Chinese source in order to collect crucial information about the conspiracy that needs to be presented in the international conference which is just a week away .Suddenly Biren is kidnapped and tortured by Chinese agents and  the Indian Intelligence unit led by Uma ( Mouni Roy) and other undercover agents including Arjun (Purab kohli ) and Mrs Mehtha( Kiren Jogi) kick start their investigation. When  Biren’s body discovered, It is very clear for the investigating team about someone from the embassy leaking secret information concerning the Indian intelligence unit that might have led to the unfortunate death of Biren . However, the painting which Uma received from Biren has an important information needs to be decoded , which might possible lead to the Chinese source. Also, the Indian Ambassador  Nirupama ( Kulraj Randhawa) , starts involving with the case, actively supporting Uma and her team

The two main tasks are to identify the culprit who is in touch with Chinese agents and also to read the painting and reach the chinese source in order to retrieve important information which has to be presented in the conference. With a short span of seven days, how the team starts digging out the listed suspects from the embassy and the difficulties that they face forms the rest of the story

The movie is more of an investigative thriller with suspense element, manages to keep you guessing to certain extent. With a short running time of about 80 minutes, it is fast paced and concentrates mainly on identifying the various suspects and performing detailed investigation before arriving at the final target .Not to expect high-flying action as the plot is mainly centred on probing high profile suspects

Direction by Kanwal sethi manages to generate some curiosity during the investigation process, should have been more gripping though.The performance from the lead stars and the background score which is the heart of such thrillers are just okay .Mouni Roy , sharing more screen presence along with purab kohli , is strictly okay .For someone holding position of the intelligence unit head ,getting sentimental on some occasions  appears melodramatic . However not suggesting that undercover agents should not have emotions at all

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