Love Life and Pakodi Movie Review (3/5)

Love LIfe and Pakodi Movie Review (3/5) : Youth-centric film has its moments

It is a common thing among the financial independent youngsters in the recent times to live their life on own terms. They are casual, carefree and having different opinion about relationships  . Based on the subject of so called new age love story , the new telugu movie Love Life and Pakodi which is streaming on amazon prime stars  Bimal Kartheek Rebba and Sanchitha Poonacha which is  directed by Jayanth Gali

We have Arun who  already had his share of love experiences ever since his childhood days , accidently meets this strange girl in the stairs who thanks him for the reasons best to known to her . The couple keep meeting through their common friends and the manner in which Arun takes care of Rheya after an incident brings the coupe close. With both maintaining same view point about their relationship which is no commitments, life becomes much easier for the couple to enjoy their time. Suddenly our hero wants to get married, call it filmy, romantic or melodramatic, tries to propose to Rheya

How does Rheya react to Arun’s proposal? How about their parents and what role does they play in their relationship?  Finally, what happens to their unusual love story is the rest of the movie about

It must be clear by now this is a city based subject about the young coupe going through their set of emotions, mainly about love and Marriage. Starting from the second half, the movie picks up tremendously with some interesting sequences that are hilarious, matured and entertaining. Some of the scenes which I liked, Rheya trying to Make Arun understand about his mistakes while dealing with his father giving an example of himself and his life style. There is a scene where Rheya ‘s mother tries to help  confused Rheya explaining  about love and marriage . Apart from serious stuff about relationships , we come across hilarious moments, especially that restaurant scene where Arun tries to prose to Rheya  and during their conversation Arun trying to talk about his father , Rheya is quick to respond “ who is is sleeping with now ?”  , the most hilarious one is the pacodi factor which is a big no for Rheya . Having said that, the first half mainly concentrates on the life style of youngsters, there is lot partying, multiple relationships and so on. The fantastic part of the first half is when Rhyea with that projector trying to play Manirathnam’s fabulously shot song in Gharshana . Somehow it was not needed to show smoking and drinking in every alternate scene but this movie mainly targeting the youth has essential stuff to keep it going .

Sanchitha poonacha is so effortless playing Rheya. She is done a fantastic job throughout especially while dealing with dilemma about marriage during the later part .Bimal Karthik is quite natural while handling serious scenes but one would have expected him to be to more lively when the relationship starts happening with Rheya and also while interacting with his friend .


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