Love Mocktail Movie Review ( 3.25/5): Simply refreshing

Love Mocktail Movie Review ( 3.25/5):  Simply refreshing

Darling Krishna in his latest outing demonstrates how a simple subject with solid script, superb performances, soulful music and breath-taking visuals can be used to deliver a brilliant movie.

The movie begins with the meeting of Adithi ( Rachana Inder) and Adi( Krishna) somewhere in the picturesque  location between Bangalore and udupi when the matured youngster rescues the lively and curious girl from the troublesome characters. Highly impressed with Adi’s behaviour, the lively girl decides to travel with him as both are heading towards the same destination. There is interesting conversation happening between them and when the topic shifts to love affairs, Adi starts narrating his story which runs through the entire movie also turns out be a big learning experience about life and love for the young girl

Adi’s love story which starts from his high school tuition classes takes a big transformation during his college days when a rich girl JO ( Amrutha Iyengar)  starts showing interest in him and he naturally reciprocates . Once the college fun ends and it is time to become something in life, their relationship gets tested and Adi has to deal with the erratic behaviour of his girlfriend. In spite of fluctuations in love life, Adi’s childhood friend Vijay( Abhishek)who is a solid support for him and someone who is also fed up with JO’s behaviour suggests to talk to   Nidhi ( Milana Nagraj) with a loving nature who works in the same campus .Will Adi’ be third time lucky as he proposes to Nidhi and what happens after that forms the crux of the story

The first half of the movie is racy and hugely entertaining. The funny moments happening around the high school tuition class, cricket match sequence and initial scenes between Adi and Jo contributes to a laugh riot. Also the transformation from fun life to hard-core facts faced in the next phase of life has been shown well. Even the post interval, where the love story is more of a  routine one, has interesting moments and does not drag any  point. Those picturesque locations covered during the journey and the music contributes to the refreshing viewing experience

Darling Krishna shouldering the responsibility of writing and directing the refreshing movie also delivers a knock out performance. Like the scene where he proposes to Nidhi , his dilemma with JO and the matured interaction with Adithi, he is simply brilliant . With her Suave and sophisticated looks, matured and loving nature of Nidhi ,  Milana Nagraj is a delight to watch, performs well even in the scenes demanding high intensity . Rachana Inder is energetic and natural to the core, shows a lot of promise. Abhishek essaying the role of Vijay is simply first rate. Amrutha Iyengar plays her part well, her character is confusing though

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