Love story Movie Review ( 4/5)

Love story Movie Review ( 4/5) : Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi create magic in this love story

The much hyped movie Love story was released on 24th September.The movie stars Naga chaitanya , Sai pallavi , Devyani, Easwari Rao, Rajeev Kanakala and has been directed by Sekhar kammula

Revanth is an ambitious good hearted youngster who owns a small time Zumba fitness center . He is introduced to this special character Mouni who is in the city in search of a job . She is fed up of her uncle controlling things back in her village and also tired of hearing things like she is not capable of doing anything in life. Revanth and Mouni become friends after the less confident girl accidently shows her hidden talent which is brilliant dancing . As both of them are really working hard on expanding their fitness centre business they also realise how they connected to the same village and also aware of problems expected in the future. So what happens when these  people actually start expressing themselves and what are the consequences forms the rest of the story

Talking about the first half, the highlight would be “evo kalale” song , the way it has been shot is simply electrifying . Sai pallavi’s graceful movements and later Naga chaitanya joining the party is amazing to watch .Need to give full marks to chorographer and the music director for providing  that great experience . One of the main factors this movie works big time is the fabulous on screen chemistry between the lead pair. If this manages to create a refreshing experience, some terrific music compliments it in a beautiful way. Another interesting factor, in spite of the couple expressing their feelings late in the movie, Revant and Mounica entertain with their  ambitions , struggle , mutual respect and friendship . Moving to another topic about the problems faced by the couple when they return back to their village is being shown in a realistic manner . There is a scene where Revanth and his mother visits Mouni’s house well dressed and Mouni’s mother offers Revanth some old used clothes which is the reflection of some old mentality still prevailing many villages . About the songs, sometimes it is just the couple taking metro and sometimes walking across the street, each one has that feel good effect. We also some suspense and tense moments towards the climax but gives a feeling of abrupt ending to such a fabulous tale of  love. Looks like there was some confusion in the writing

Regarding the performances, no points for guessing .This is splendid performance from Naga chaitnaya and Sai pallavi . Nag chiatnya is so effortless, without trying hard he is able to play Revanth . He has lived Revanth right from the very first scene and there are really fantastic moments like the scene where Mouni is expressing her love and he is all tears. In this case, it is a bit different that the guy is getting more emotional and that could be special in Revanth’s case as he been  has been pulled down a lot during his life and it is really hard for him to control his emotions . Revanth and Naga have been so adorable, such a delight to watch them. Sai pallavi looks like a simple girl next door and she is special while handling those emotional scenes, especially family related issues in the village. However in addition to her acting capabilities she steals the show with her dancing sjkills . Along with those graceful steps, it is her expressions during “evo kalale”  and “saranga” songs that is truly sensational . She is completely carefree, enjoying every moment, such a happy soul while dancing, simply fabulous .Easwri rao playing Revanth’s mother is first rate. Devyani shows her acting skills in the pre climax scene . Rajeev Kanakala plays his part quite well but for the kind of character he is playing one expects him to be more evil and sadistic in nature

Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi make this love story a magnificent watch , surely not to be missed

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