Luca movie review : Romantic Mystery thriller is simply superb

Luca movie review : Romantic Mystery thriller is simply superb

We have rarely seen movies in the past falling in the romantic Mystery category .This Tovino Thomas Starrer has loads of cute romance and the suspense element which keeps audience guessing till the end. It is about Luca( Tovino Thomas) a talented artist who is short tempered , suffers from special case which refers to fear of death .He happens to meet Niha( Ahaana) in an art exhibition ,who is a bubbly research student with some bad childhood memories. When Luca is able to read her inner pain through is artwork, they become great friends sharing a lot of joy, happiness and pain. At certain point of time bubbly friendship transforms into a cute romance  with Luca proposing to Niha in a most humorous manner. When everything is going well, there happens an incident that changes their lives. We also have Akbar(Nithin George) investigating a crime scene, unable to forget his past love, finds it difficult to accept his wife

What happened to Luca and Niha ?what is the investigation about? How does Akbar manage to solve the Mystery ? Watch Luca  to find out the Answers

Tovino Thomas  playing Luca is simply in the form of his life. Along with his stylish looks and costumes, his expressions are so perfect. Scenes like the one when he proposes to Niha , waiting outside the bathroom is really funny and adorable. His anxiety and fear, the amount of pain, those cute scenes with Ahaana , simply brilliant. He is ably supported by Ahaana who with her expressive eyes proves that she is a power house of Talent. Apart from being bubbly, she shows lot of maturity in trying to control Luca ,When you see her at the hospital going completely blank, we could easily conclude that we have an actress to watch out for .Nithin George as Investigative office brings a lot of intensity to his character

Director Arun Bose is able to combine multiple subjects in a single platform. Be it child abuse, psychological disorder, cute romance, troubled marriage, or haunting mystery, each subject is handled with care, which makes Luca a gripping watch. Technically, care has been taken to ensure that every shot looks super stylish

If you ar looking for super cute romance with loads of suspense, don’t miss this one


Verdict : 3.5 Stars

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