Maharshi Movie review: Terrific Maheh Babu makes this message oriented Tale a superb watch


Maharshi Movie review: Terrific Maheh Babu makes this message oriented Tale a superb watch

Mahesh Babu’s latest release falls in the category of movies with a fantastic  message packed with necessary commercial ingredients ,making it a worth watch for all age categories. Movie starts with Rishi( Mahesh Babu) taking over CEO of Top company in the US  . Rishi attends surprise party which turns out to a college reunion for him. He is thrilled, starts recollecting his college days and his success story. Born to a Middle class family, Rishi has problems with his father ( Prakash raj)whom he considers unsuccessful , his mother being communicator between him and his father.  His father has different plans for him compared to his going for Mtech and getting settled in the US . Once he gets into his favourite college he has new friends Pooja ( Pooja Hegde) and Ravi kumar( Allari Naresh) . His success mantra , proves to a big motivation for Ravi Kumar, manages  to  wins Pooja ‘s heart. In the process he has to face wrath from politician whose topper son gets depressed due to rishi taking over his place. When pooja is keen on settling with Rishi , he  talks about achieving success on  professional front, wants to part ways. This creates misunderstanding among the three best friends. Brilliant Rishi manages to give his best offer to the company present for campus selection, path towards his huge success starts from that venture. Later on from nowhere he manages to take over as the CEO of the Top Company. Suddenly during the reunion, he discovers some surprising facts   about him being only successful in his profession and somehow he failed in dealing with sensitive Human relationships. How does Rishi try to correct his mistakes and what steps he takes to be successful in personal front is shown in the post interval session

Mahesh babu comes up with finest performance. Stating from happy go lucky college boy to playing CEO of the top company , he is elegance personified . He is able to bring tons of emotions, scene involving him interacting with his father through a letter, his pain when everyone misunderstands and blames him , he has completely taken entire movie on his shoulders. He is ably supported by Allari naresh who gives natural performance  with Pooja hedge providing glamour quotient . Strong supporting cast involving Prakash raj, graceful jayasudha, ever reliable Sai Kumar, Jagapathy Babu, vennela Kishore gives necessary boost. It is bit unfortunate that screen presence is limited to that big supporting cast, Raj and Jayasudha shine in some solid interactions with Mahesh Babu though

Vamshi Paidipally is in complete control making this message oriented tale Gripping . Full credit to be given to him to handle such a big star cast,  some of the emotional sequences have been dealt without  going over the top. Dialogues are simply superb , makes you think about it once you leave cinema halls for sure.Every frame in the movie is technically rich , fight sequence  involving Rishi trying to save Ravi kumar has been superbly shot.  However it is the running time of 3 hours that should have been trimmed by at least 20 minutes

Overall it is a Great family entertainer with a thought provoking message. Go for it !!!!


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