Mai Review ( 3/5)

 Mai Review ( 3/5) – Sakshi Tanwar elevates this emotional crime thriller with a solid powerful performance

A normal, soft spoken , decent ,caring mother turning aggressive and finding ways to trace the culprits responsible for hurting her daughter , certainly reminds us about Sridevi’s last movie Mom where she was simply superb. Directed by Atul Mohan and Anshai Lal ,Mai streaming on Netflix has a similar basic plot .Starring Sakshi Tanwar , Vivek Mushran , Seema Pahwa, Wamiqua Gabbi and others, crime thriller has six episode with an average running duration of 40 minutes

Sheel Choudhary treating patients at an old age home run by influential people like Jawahar has her set of family issues. Her talented daughter who is a pathologist and does a lot of stand-up comedy has hearing issues and communicates through sign language .Having health issues  Sheel’ s husband Yash does small time jobs and the family has to depend a lot on Yash’s brother , they even have sacrificed a lot in return of favours from the elderly couple . Surely, not a perfect family but thing are going okay until tragedy strikes with daughter getting killed in a road accident. Sheel suspects foul play and starts probing the case alone without knowing the magnitude of crime and the kind of mafia and persons who may be involved. How she manages to find the truth behind her daughter’s death and her own ways of dealing with the culprits forms the rest of the story

Mai , right from the first episode wastes no time in getting to the point . Once Sheel realises there is something more into the accident and starts investigating, suspense builds up nicely. With Sheel ‘s desperate moves in reaching the killers , there are more thrills  and tension starts mounting slowly ,rapidly increases as the series progresses . Along with her fearless attitude fighting the criminals, there are a lot of emotions dealing with her family which makes this a perfect mixture of thrills and emotional saga. The ability of the plot to hold the mystery element till the end is a plus.

It is evident that the entire series is centred on sheel’s character and Sakshi Tanwar’s towering performance clearly elevates the show. She keeps it simple with natural expressions throughout but there is a sparkle in very scene. Her powerful performance provides extra thrills and makes the audience relate to the character. Every moment of her ruthlessness, power, emotional outburst  this superb performance takes the series to another level . Vivek Mushran as her sober husband is adorable. Wamiqa Gabbi has an advantage of girl communicating trough sign language and she tries her level best to utilise the opportunity. However this act could have been more expressive. Seema Pahwa with a serious role of helping sheel is top notch. Prashant Narayan is simply first rate, all evil with that special smile. Raima Sen is pretty decent, again extra effort would made this character deadlier

Giving full marks to Sakshi for that brilliant effort let us analyse what could have been better for this suspenseful, emotional thriller.  Some of the sequences look bit illogical, especially Sheel who had witnessed the accident starting to suspect foul play just by speaking to driver once. Even her desperate actions could be discounted for providing justice to her daughter, drastic steps taken glorifying her character at times is not justified. Daughter hiding personal information from her mother with whom she shares great bonding sounds complicated .By the end of last episode we know this due for next season, low profile climax and her expressions after discovering a big secret difficult to understand

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