Malang Movie Review( 3/5) – Suspensful Dark Thriller

The trailer of  Malang clearly gave an indication about loads of style, glamour and some truly violent scenes which had generated a  lot of curiosity among the .cine-goers. During the recent times, the audience have started accepting the Dark thriller Genre with the content which was not acceptable for the Indian audience if released few years ago . Let us analyse this movie which falls into the similar genre and if it is successful in entertaining the audience

The first half of the movie has two plots running in parallel, one which looks like a cute yet wild love story and another one involving series of killings. The love story starts with the usual boy ( Advaith /Aditya Roy Kapoor) meets girl ( Sara/Disha Patani)  yet  is wild because the couple aggressively wanting to enjoy every bit of life  in their own way . As they start spending more time together, thanks to vibrant nightlife, rave parties , drugs  and some crazy stuff , the relationship that started as a casual one starts getting serious when they start realising that they are truly in love. In parallel Advaith  is  shown released from jail ,starts  intelligently planning and killing police officers before which he informs Inspector Agashe ( Anil Kapoor) who has his unique method dealing with  the criminals . The victims who are mercilessly murdered are from the same team headed by Inspector Michael ( Kunal khmeu ) who is against Agashe ,s unusual encounter tactics and also going through a rough patch in his marriage

Why is Advaith behind the bars and how a simple youngster masterminds such a massive operation? Who is helping him in his mission? What incident makes the couple take their relationship and approach towards life more seriously? What is the reason behind polished inspector Michel’s troubled marriage?  Despite knowing about Advaith ‘s involvement in the crime, how does Agashe deal with him? What happened to Sara ?

The first of the movie has some interesting moments, craziness of the young couple and thrilling cat and mouse game between the cops and the Killer , prison brawl at the beginning of the movie looks forced  and could have been easily avoided concentrating  more on the madness of the couple. It is the post interval where the movie switches gears with interesting take on set of relationships and learning good lesions to improve some of them. In addition to sensitive issues, there are also dark hidden secrets in a relationship ready to explode. Also, there are plenty of twists making this one a suspenseful dark thriller

Apart from some of the scenes in the beginning of the movie, Director Mohit suri has handled the subject with super stylish approach, every frame looking technically rich and visually stunning. Those vibrant night parties,carnivals, stunning beaches, fully lit stadium are some of the examples contributing to visually appealing moments. While handling the scenes involving various relationships that are both sensitive and violent in nature, Mohit sure is at his level best. However, not sure why beaches from foreign locations are included  when the story is set in Goa which has plenty to offer in terms of its picturesque locations and culture. Also there are some of the scenes with too much of drug usage by several characters that could have been toned down to certain extent

Aditya Roy Kapoor proves his acting abilities, effortlessly handling both casual craziness and intense scenes, one step ahead in emotional scenes though. Disha Patani  is okay , some extra effort was required to show that carefree girl who is all set to explore and enjoy life without any barriers . Anil kapoor  is definitely one of the major highlights who is thoroughly entertaining with his super cool attitude. Elvi Ram Is a perfect choice for the role of a foreigner who is trapped in Goa’s dug mafia . Khunal khemu gives a stellar performance in a role providing fantastic opportunity to showcase his talent


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