Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review( 3.5/5)

 Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review( 3.5/5) : This makes you laugh whole heartedly

Little things making you smile and here comes a movie that has made this possible and let us check how .Malaysia to Amnesia which is streaming on Zee5 has been directed by Radha Mohan and the  the movie stars  Vaibhav reddy ,Vani Bhojan, Karunakaran and M.S Bhasker

About the storyline, Arun kumar having an extramarital affair plans a trip to Bangalore telling his family it is a business trip to Malaysia. Unfortunately, there is some bad news about the Malaysian flight leaving him in a tricky situation. He seeks help from his best friend Prabhu who comes up with “amnesia” idea which has been lifted from a Hollywood thriller. When the idea starts working in his favour , Arun kumar has to deal with his wife’s  crazy uncle Mannargudi Narayanan who is not only suspicious but also starts spying on them . What happens next forms the rest of the story

This is an out and out laugh riot and is hugely entertaining. It is the perfect comic timing , superb acting ,good direction , funny dialogues results in  a spontaneous smile on your face .Without  any dirty gestures , vulgarity , insensitive comments about any individual ,if the movie is successful in making the audience laugh whole heartedly , the team effort has be lauded .Even there is nothing new in the storyline as we have already noticed, but the situations and interesting characters boost the  entertainment value. Some of the hilarious moments, Arun calling his uncle Dong Lee , Doctor says Trauma and wife responding my husband will not do any drama ,the drama happening when a police officer is in the house and starts his interrogation to which the two friends and faithful wife responds, the list is really big .When the audience is expecting the movie to explode in the climax , there is a slight disappointment . After having so much fun with constant laughter on almost every scene, no one wants the movie to end so fast which is a proof of how entertaining it has been throughout.

Vaibav Reddy is thoroughly entertaining with his perfect comic timing and those expressions especially in his amnesia state .He is simply hilarious, a delight to watch. M S Bhaskar and karunakaran joins the party and compliment his performance beautifully. It has to be noted that if any one of them failed, the entire thing would have fallen flat. So, the deadly combination works well for the movie which serves as a good laugher recipe

During difficult times with so much of negativity around us, here comes a movie that can be enjoyed with your family





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