Mardaani 2 Movie Review( 3/5) :Stellar performances by Rani Mukherji and Vishal Jethwa makes this an exciting watch

Some of the cat and mouse chase of a Psycho killer by an efficient cop has been an exciting premise which gets more interesting as the story unfolds. Mardaani 2 has a similar content, which along with the some real thrilling elements also tries on focus on sexual exploitation of women

The story starts with a sadistic youngster Sunny ( Vishal Jethwa) kidnapping a girl and showing his animal instincts on the poor lady . When the Crime branch Team led by the  honest officer Shivani( Rani Mukherji) arrives at the spot where the body has  been recovered , the nature of wounds on the body indicates the amount of trauma she must have gone through which is supported by the Autopsy report  that shakes shivani who is unable to control her tears. When Shivani challenges the killer, he gets crazy which marks the beginning of a new game as the evil soul starts challenging shivani back, manages to enter her house and takes some of her personal belongings. The deadly rapist is also a contract killer who is hired by a local politician to eliminate one of the journalists against him. The sadistic killer is one step ahead when he is able to execute his plans perfectly leaving behind his signature mocking shivani .It becomes much easier for Sunny who joins as the Chaaiwaala At the Police station where shivani and her team are actively planning strategies to get rid of the Psycho Killer. When Officer Shivani manages to trace a kid who has spotted Sunny  , the eye witness is brutally murdered and all fingers starts pointing at Shivani for her carelessness which caused this unfortunate incident

Now shivani has two days before her transfer with the festive season of Diwali around. The gritty officer makes up her mind to hunt down the sadistic rapist and gets positive response from her team to support the noble cause. What are the key strategies used to identify the Killer ? Once the identity of the Killer is revealed, how do they hunt him down taking into account his evil intentions?

The Movie is an interesting Psycho Thriller with a very gripping first half where we get to see the cat and mouse chase of  a serial rapist/killer by the fearless lady officer. Once the identity of the killer is known to the crime branch, the pace drops a bit and again picks up towards the climax which has been shot well. Some scenes like the one where TV Anchor Amith sharma interviews Shivaani looks forced as this this is the peak time where the stage is set to hunt down the Killer . Rani Mukherji delivers a Knockout performance showing maturity and intelligence in fighting forces inside the office and a deadly rapist who keeps challenging her investigation. Direction is quite good ,take a scene where Shivani just can’t control her tears when the Doctor who performed Autopsy narrates the animal instincts of the rapist. Despite the crime branch Cop having seen several such situations in the past, finds it difficult to control her emotions in a exceptional case, clearly indicates she is human after all .Vishal Jethwa is terrific sending chills down the spine and the act is so impactful that he leaves the fear factor in the minds of the audience even after leaving the cinema halls. This is such a fantastic performance and kudos to the talented actor

With a crisp running time of 105 minutes, this exciting game of Good Vs Evil is highly entertaining

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