Mission Mangal Movie Review ( 4/5): Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan reach another level of Excellence

Mission Mangal Movie Review( 4/5): Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan reach another level of Excellence

Past couple of years, Bollywood with some meaningful and inspirational movies, has been successful in educating people about various achievements of so called ordinary people, sacrifice of our soldiers and historic characters.  Mission Mangal narrates the story of India’s successful Mars Mission Mangalyan ,an  impossible feat achieved by  the brilliant ISRO scientists

The story starts with a failed Space mission which is headed by Rakesh dhawan, who takes the entire responsibility for its failure. When Rakesh is  transferred to MARS Mission Department , Tara( vidya Balan) ,who has  previously worked under him comes up with an innovative idea .When Rakesh is fully convinced , he takes Tara along to present their basic Mars Mission concept to their boss ( Vikram Ghokhale) . After getting nod from the Director, they also face an uphill task of dealing with the sarcasm and pessimism of NASA returned Rupert desai( Dalip Tahil), who gives them a team of inexperienced resources for their prestigious Mars Mission. The team consists of ambitious Eka Ghandhi ( Sonakshi Sinha) who leads a carefree life and wants to work for NASA , Divorcee  Neha Siddique( Kirthi Kulhari) who is unable to figure out the reason behind house owners rejecting her,  ,Varsha( Nitya Menon)  who has to listen to her Mother-in – law’s music  opts for IVF treatment, Parameshwar ( Sharman joshi)  a bachelor who is desperate to get married , Krithika( Taapsee pannu) who has to take care of her injured husband and Anant Iyer ( Datthatreya) whose son does not care about him and wants to get retired soon. To motivate this team with personal problems, Tara comes up with something special, makes them realise the importance of being a scientist and professionalism. With the Team completely set, How do they manage the budget issues? How do they solve the various technical problems? Despite having a lot of domestic issues, how do the lady scientists including Tara balance both their Professional and personal lives? What is the contribution of each Team member in the successful Mars Mission?

Director Jagan Shakthi not only educates about the prestigious Mars Mission in a highly entertaining manner, but also deals with the problems faced by working women in different phase of their lives. Some of the technical aspects of the Mars Mission  have been made clear ,giving simple examples related to Home science . Full credit to him for getting such terrific performances from the dream star cast.  Apart from being Thought-provoking and powerful, Dialogues makes you smile throughout the Movie

Akshay kumar comes up with another magnificent performance. His splendid act demonstrates true qualities required to handle Prestigious Mission. He is adorable when he is cool and while shouting at his team member he means real business of getting best out of her. Vidya Balan as Tara who manages to find a perfect balance between her precious work and personal issues reaches another level of excellence. She is a treat to watch while handling her frustrated husband, educates her son about preferences in life, and inspires the team about the true meaning of being a scientist. The  brilliant duo has been ably supported by  Sonakshi Sinha, Taapse pannu, Sharman Joshi, Kirthi Kulhari,Nitya menon , Sharman Joshi , Dattatreya , Dalip Tahil and Sanjay Kapoor


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