Mosagallu Movie Review ( 3/5)

Mosagallu Movie Review ( 3/5) : Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Aggarwal steal the show

The movie has got an interesting first half with the kind of plans that Arjun comes up with. I would say it is informative with all that stealing of data, dark web thing and mobile burners . Also we have some information about IRS and how much Americans care about the Tax .Basically , Arjun and Anu are the reflections of Human psychology . How their personalities change when they suddenly become rich , there is ego , arrogance and the manner in which greed goes ahead of them .The second half which exposes the characters is more gripping especially the last half an hour of the movie. It also makes you think how this would have been possible with so many employees working for them and every single thing was openly done but we have to believe it as this is based on the real life scam. it is also scary as anybody could be next victim of this digital world

Performance wise, both Vishnu Manchu and Kajal Aggarwal steal the show . During the initial scenes , he perfectly fits into the character of this techie guy next door and throughout the first half he is very controlled . Once that money factor goes beyond certain limits his personality changes evident from the way he deals with sister with all that ego and command . Keeping it natural to the core, various emotions have been superbly dealt by Vishnu Manchu . Kajal Aggarwal starts off bit slowly but like her character, portrayal of Anu takes a big leap as the movie progresses. Her bossy nature, trying to control the multimillion dollar empire and those expressions when Arjun speaks rudely to her , she has given a commanding performance . Suniel Shetty is first rate as a honest cop dealing with the crime. Navdeep plays his part quite well.

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