Mumbai se Gaon aaya mera Dost


Mumbai se Gaon aaya mera Dost

I remember one of our friends from Mumbai telling us he is planning to visit his Gaon during next vacation .I knew his native is very close to Mangalore city and was taken by surprise when he used the word Gaon.Clarification came in form of Gaon usage  which implies to any native place falling in coastal Karnataka, be it a city, town or remote village. Group of friends started the debate how relevant is this usage of Gaon on a lighter note .

Areas surrounding coastal Karnataka have been always famous for best educational institutions, Manipal being massive hub for both domestic and international students. There were handful of English medium schools with only state syllabus decades ago, now there are CBSE Schools even in remote rural areas. Health care facility has been excellent with very good hospitals in Manipal and Mangalore catering to needs of the patients across the country and from abroad as well. Road infrastructure has improved a lot , wide highways , multiple lanes are really helping general public . Region is well connected by  a network of road, rail and Air making life easy for frequent travellers. Tourism has started picking up slowly with several good resorts , home stays , various water sports  at the beaches attracting tons of tourists . Road trips are fantastic as there are lot of  Highway hotels , service stations , clean toilets There are several posh malls, stylish Cafes for student and working professional s to hangout  even in small remote towns. Reports involving communal violence, drug peddling , crime rate started picking up slowly to compete with big Shehers. Although there are some industries, not sufficient to provide sufficient job facilities to the locals so that they don’t start moving towards big shehers,

So with all these competing factors, when you say going to Gaon next time,someone from Goan would surely reply “ Doondthe reh Jaoge”


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