Nail Polish Movie Review (3/5)

Nail Polish Movie Review (3/5): Crime thriller packed with Psychological suspense

Directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna , Nail polish is a perfect combination of crime thriller , court-room drama ,and psychological suspense. It has a lot to offer, but needs to analysed if the legal thriller is engaging enough to hold the viewer‘s attention

A simple person like Veer Singh( Manav Kaul) with a lot of respect from the society for his charitable work  and interaction with the kids is arrested for gruesome murder of migrant children  which becomes a sensational case for the entire Town. Someone from the opposition party wants to politicise the arrest, badly wants the accused to be proven not guilty. They want famous lawyer with erratic behaviour Sid Jaising ( Arjun Rampal) to take up the case in exchange of a massive deal . Now he has to confront Amit Kumar( Anand Tiwari ) at the court with both former and latter  frustrated for some personal issues . While Jaising  is successfully trying to defend his client against some solid witnesses, a prison brawl erupts leaving Veer Singh seriously injured . After this incident, there is a complete transformation in the behaviour pattern of Veer singh leaving everyone confused, a big challenge for the respectful judge( Rajit Kapur)  who has to take a crucial decision analysing a lot of things which involves a famous Psychiatrist as well

Who is responsible for the violent murders of kids and motive behind this act?  What is the strange behaviour noticed in the personality of Veer Singh after the Prison Brawl?  What is the next step taken by the Judge and the impact on the mental state of Veer Singh?  Who is the real culprit?

This crime thriller offers much more than a normal court-room drama with a lot suspense and Psychological aspects clearly keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. It starts off rather slowly with even the twin murders and the arrest not able to keep it engaging but once the transformation takes place in the personality of the accused, there is absolutely no stopping from that point. It does all sorts of things to the viewer, keeps completely engrossed, generating a lot of curiosity. It makes us question about the loopholes in the system. Some of the scenes are very cleverly handled like the explanation given when of split personality characters fails to recognise the other in a mirror. However, there are many characters not linked to the main plot just drags during the tense moments.  Also in the entire movie, a lot is left to the sensibilities of viewer leaving them confused. In case of central characters, some of the reasons for their unusual emotions are not clear forcing to make assumptions about that person

Manav Kaul with a meaty role is quite efficient and is effortless playing a character with multiple shades. After the personality transformation, it is a big challenge for any actor and he performs quite well, With this kind of dream role, the act of  behaviour change should have been with additional  punch and sparkle . Arjun Rampal is superb and his methods of dealing with the witnesses at the court keeps the audience entertained. While expressing different emotions, his matured approach for the case sympathising with his client, makes his presence felt throughout. Rajit  Kapur  is matured  and dignified , trying to deal with an alcoholic wife and a crucial decision to make about the controversial case . Anand Tiwari   is perfect playing a complete family man dealing with anxiety and frustration, trying his level best to win the case

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