Nayattu Movie Review( 4/5)

Nayattu Movie Review( 4/5) : Realistic , Gripping and Hard-hitting Thriller

There are lot of movies where we have witnessed the use of police authority to exploit the citizens but we have a different case in the movie Nayattu  where three police officers become victims of dirty politics. The movie stars Joju George , Kunchacko Boban , Nimisha Sajayan and has been directed by Martin Prakkat

The movie revolves around three characters working for the police department. Praveen after joining the department starts developing good relationship with his senior officer ASI Maniyan who is proud about his daughter’s talent and even makes her perform in front of his junior. Another character Sunita, lady police officer works for the same branch and the trouble starts for the trio when one of the goons connected to the lady police officer behaves arrogantly in front of the police station. In spite of knowing his strong political connections, he is treated like any goon and put behind the bars. His friends know very well to use the caste politics and quickly with the instructions coming from top, goon is released, officers made to watch helplessly .Following the incident, the three officers, after attending a marriage and are retuning back home with the nephew of ASI Maniyan driving the vehicle who suddenly loses control resulting in an accident. To their surprise, the victim who is lying badly injured is none other than the recently arrested goon’s friend. In spite of knowing the consequences, they admit him to the hospital and due to the expected sequence of events, ASI Maniyan suggests escaping from the spot and what happen next forms the rest of the story

As It has been discussed in the beginning that it is the reversal of exploitation The police officers become victims to the caste politics and are forced to flee and it is worse when they are hunted down like hard-core criminals due to the strong political pressure on the department. Director Martin Prakkat has been successful in creating a gripping movie which is unpredictable with several twists .It is amazing to see how the story revolves around three main characters and exposes the truth, even the people with authority become helpless in front of the corrupt system. Speaking about the twists, the last 20 minutes has some scenes which are unimaginable exposing the cruelty of power hungry politicians and totally helpless victims. The climax is so realistic, don’t intend to give more details though, one feels disturbed, angry and helpless which is a big plus for the director. However, I honestly felt the movie should have ended on a different note .Technically; the movie has stunning visuals, the scene where the entire lit village on the other side is simply superb. Also, the officers chasing Praveen in the night and scenes that follow have been superbly shot.

Joju George playing ASI Maniyan is in full command. Starting from an aggressive police officer his performance as a weakened character due to the circumstances, he steals the show. Kunchacko Boban adopts a realistic approach, those expressions in the climax is enough to summarise the whole story. Same goes for Nimsha Sajayan who has done full justice to her role superbly complementing the other two actors. Jafar iddukki playing chief Minister is simply first rate. Yama Gigamesh as SP Anuradha is efficient with a carefree and an aggressive approach

Nayattu is a realistic, hard-hitting and griping thriller not to be missed



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