Nishabdam Movie Review( 3/5)

Nishabdam Movie Review( 3/5) – Stylishly shot and suspenseful, should have been executed better

Extensively shot in the US, Nishabdam as the name indicates, movie falling into horror/ Mystery genre but as the movie progresses, one starts realising there is more into it. Let us analyse about the specific genre and if it has sufficient ingredients to keep the audience engaged

The movie opens with a romantic couple enjoying their Christmas in their beautiful villa, their happy moments don’t last longer as the husband is found brutally murdered in the basement. With the exact reason of death unknown, the house is labelled haunted with no buyers for several years. Decades later when a rich Billionaire Antony ( Madhavan) and his fiancée sakshi( Anushka Shetty) visit the house as the latter is interested in the famous painting kept in the haunted villa. When Antony is found dead in the basement in the similar fashion like the case of a romantic husband which happened decades ago, the case goes to officer Maha (Anjali) who is confident about foul play and starts investigating the case reporting to her crazy boss Richard(Michael Madsen). The strange case proves to be a really challenging one as the central character Sakshi happens to be a Deaf-mute . In addition to the murder of a famous personality , there are multiple crimes in the area that include several missing girls ,most interesting one is the sudden disappearance of Sonali ( Shalini Pandey), Sakshi’s childhood  friend

Is there any relationship between the old murder and the  latest one as both look similar?  How are the various people connected with Sakshi contributing to solve this case?  How does Maha deal with her crazy boss during the entire investigation?  Despite her disability how does Sakshi show her full involvement and help the officers to crack this tricky case?

Right from the choice of Title, the movie has some real interesting moments that keep the audience guessing about the actual cause of two murders. In the beginning, one feel it must be a supernatural activity and the murder taking place decades later and the foul play builds a suspenseful atmosphere. In addition, there is a beautiful romantic angle and different relationships play a vital role in solving the mystery. Basically, a good interesting plot with a lot of mystery stylishly shot on picturesque locations and decent performances a big plus for Nishabdam.

Madhavan does a commendable job with his smile reflecting spectrum of expressions. Anushka Shetty keeps a low profile in her impressive performance. For any talented actor, playing a role with disability gives a big advantage to boost their performance and Anushka exploits it well. However there is a feeling down the line about her missing magic .Michael Madsen is entertaining with his crazy act. Shalini Pandey is first rate .Anjali bags a meaty role and tries her level best but extra effort was needed from her side

However, the inability to execute the fantastic plot proves to be a drawback as some of the sequences which should have been truly exciting, looks average. Let us take the case of officer interrogating Sakshi which lacks the required intensity and the beautiful concept of art bringing two talented souls together, looks hurried. The songs appearing in between the anxious moments, especially in the second half brings down the pace making it less gripping even goes to the extent of testing the patience of the viewer

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