Nizhal Movie review ( 3/5)

Nizhal Movie review ( 3/5) – An unusual , thrilling and suspensful plot that keeps you guessing till the end

When there is a mention about a kid playing an important role in murder investigation , reminds us of a super hit movie which was made in almost all languages where a kid witnesses a cold blooded Murder .In the  latest Malayalam movie Nizhal streaming on Amazon Prime , a little school boy plays a significant role in the investigation of Murders .

The movie begins with John Baby , a first class Judicial Magistrate, after meeting with an accident is made to wear one of those strange looking masks giving him batman looks. He even starts experiencing strange things like raining on a sunny day. Disturbed by the series of things that he is experiencing, he seeks professional help from a good friend who also happens to be a child psychiatrist. When she starts analysing his case, something interesting comes up as the psychiatrist starts narrating a special case to him. It is about a school kid mentioning about the murders in his story with the exact details about the place and also the landmark. Baby becomes extremely curios and is keen on meeting the boy after getting permission from his polished single mother sharmila. There is more surprise for Baby as his starts digging deeper into the details and is able to recover one of the bodies as per the boy’s story. What happens next is rest of the movie all about

How a little boy new to Kerala can be so precise on the murders? What about Baby’s hallucinations? How does Baby convince to the concerned authorities to take up this case?  What are baby’s findings during the investigation and what inputs assist him to solve this unusual mystery?

This plot definitely sounds interesting?  A kid ‘s story about murders creates an unusual , thrilling and a suspenseful plot . The viewer is unable to decide if there is any involvement of supernatural forces, psychological suspense or a complicated murder mystery. This confusion is the plus point for this thriller which makes it so different and keeps the viewer guessing till the end .Adding to the suspense are some the interesting characters and incidents like Baby ‘s batman looks and hallucinations  faced by him  .The movie is highly engaging and unstoppable until the partial suspense is out which is totally unpredictable , a big shocker and quite convincing . The drone shots of simple roads, beaches and Hogenakkal falls contribute to a visually rich experience. However, there are some flaws in the script when some of the interesting characters and behaviour don’t end up connecting to the main plot. Also, when the mystery is unravelled partially which is supposed to be a high intensity subject, the kind of impact required is missing. Mainly during the last fifteen minutes or so, there is a casual and feel of abrupt ending, some scenes handled reflecting on the quality of execution. In spite of minor hiccups, Nizhal has a solid suspenseful premise with a shocking climax and sure the lovers of suspense thrillers would find it exciting

Kunchakco boban is a delight to watch during the investigation with decent expressions when the case keeps surprising him at every point. Nayantara looks good as a polished professional with specially designed costumes and she does a neat job but the sparkle is missing in her act. I felt the character failed to shape up the way she would have expected. Even in those couple of scenes Lal is able to make his presence felt. The main centre of attraction is Izin Hash who is not only cute but is amazing the way he performs, natural and super confident

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