November Story Review

November Story Review: Suspenseful, Gripping and Disturbing

A murder mystery revolving around a patient suffering from Alzheimer ‘s disease , sounds strange  but this is main plot of new series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar . Directed by Indhra subramanian , it stars Tamannaah, Pasupathy M, Arul doss , G M Kumar and others

The series starts with a brutal murder of a woman in a house belonging to Anuradha  who is the daughter of a famous crime novelist Ganeshan  suffering from Alzhimer’s disease . Anurdha has to act really fast after she finds her father at the crime scene and she does it brilliantly by not only shifting him but also erasing crucial evidence from the spot. The next level protocols are followed, Inspector Sudalai taking up the case and starts collecting inputs from the expert after the Post mortem. Based on the inputs provide by an experienced doctor Yesu who has been doing this work during his entire life, It becomes clear that this murder should have been committed by a mentally unstable person, again pointing fingers towards Ganeshan .When police discover that finger prints at the crime scene belongs to a person,another case which is under investigation complicates the case  . Along with Anurudaa who wants to save her father by starting the investigation all by herself, Inspector Sudalai is also keen on solving this unusual murder mystery. What happens next forms the rest of the story

The web series is quite interesting right from the first episode itself with Alzhimer’s patient clearly looking ill from his behavioural pattern found at the Murder site and becomes a suspect . The concept about Alzhimer’s and murder thing generates a lot of curiosity and grows multifood as the investigation starts with full swing in identifying the victim. Another approach making it gripping is the case of two parallel, mysterious stories which enhances the suspense element .Talking about the process of investigation, the post-mortem procedure has been shot realistically, and some audience may find it disturbing though. The amazing part is even after the mystery about the killer is unravelled , there is lot of intrigue mainly about the motive and incidents connecting the crime scene. The way it demonstrates the mind-set of person who is a total failure is impactful and the extremes to which a mentally unstable person can go is truly disturbing. So it is not only about brutal murders but a strong storyline around some characters makes it more interesting but one has to be alert all the time as there is a possibility of missing out on the details which may lead to confusion . Don’t expect find detailed explanation for everything ,  a lot has been left to the imagination of the viewer too . About the negatives, firstly, police suspects anyone who is mentally unstable without proper motives and the group discussion taking place among them which is bit irritating. In addition, there are some sequences during Anuradha’s investigation creates confusion .

This is Pasupathy’s show all the way .He is perfectly cast in the role of Yesu and has been brilliant portraying a disturbed person. With an ability to show varied emotions, this is a fine performance. G M Kumar portraying Ganeshan has been outstanding, even feels like sympathising with the character. Arul doss is good . Tamannaah had an opportunity to deliver one of her best performances but the sparkle needed is missing, just manages to do justice for her role. `

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