O Pitta Katha Movie Review (3/5) – A Twisted Romantic Thriller

O Pitta Katha Movie Review (3/5) – A Twisted Romantic Thriller

A combination of romance and suspense , some breezy numbers, exotic locations and fresh performance are the ones that has been witnessed in the past , but this thriller provides a complete different experience in terms of the treatment of the subject.

The movie opens with a bang a simple village girl Venky  ( Nitya Shetty)on her vacation to a picturesque hill station is kidnapped while enjoying the nature and clicking some photographs. Totally shocked, her father, arrives at the police station along with his nephew Krish ( Viswant) , who had reunited with the family recently after his parents had cut off all the relations due to their inter-caste marriage  and settled in china. During the investigation, more interesting things about Krish are revealed that include his liking for Venky after the reunion and the fact that he even proposed to her just before the unfortunate event. Slowly other facts are also discovered by the investigating officer when Krish speaks about Prabhu( Sanjay Rao) who has been working with his Uncle and the way he misbehaved with Meera on several occasions . However, Prabhu has a different story to tell during the interrogation and the team is able to recover evidence which has complete details about the incidents that had taken place when Meera was kidnapped and is a big surprise for the officer who takes immediate action to arrest the culprit.

Now a missing girl , two romantic tracks which are quite confusing , an evidence which needs to be checked properly before the arrested person is proven guilty , creates an interesting premise which is further enhanced by various things happening in the post interval. The motive behind Meera’s disappearance, planning and execution of the crime, big mystery surrounding the suspects forms the crux of the story

Director Chendu Muddhu has shown a lot of promise while handling an unusual subject with the most interesting part of the movie being the multiple unpredictable twists especially in the second half where there is a big suspicion swings which keeps the viewer’s guessing all the time. This romantic thriller is visually stunning with good music, the soulful “Emmai Pothane” emerging as a clear winner. Although, a different love story coupled with strong technical aspects makes this one a pretty decent watch, some of the twists are not only confusing but also far from convincing. Also, in spite of thrills and Mystery, at some places, the movie is slow especially the handling of relationships between Prabhu and Meera , some repetitive scenes during the investigation applies breaks on the proceedings. With some improvement on the script and execution, end product would have been better

Viswant excels as an innocent lover boy during the first half and as the movie progresses, there is a big improvement noticed in his performance. However it seems like he is trying too much in some of the romantic scenes but has efficiently handled the post interval scenes . Nitya shetty clears shines with her simple village girl looks and is very lively, Sanjay Rao who is on the receiving end of those countless slaps keeps it simple , some of his expressions adding to the twists as the suspense builds up at various points.

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