Oh Baby Movie Review : Samantha Akkineni is simply brilliant

Oh Baby Movie Review : Samantha Akkineni is simply brilliant

When the movies are based on human relationships and loads of humour, they define a feel good entertainer and is very popular among all categories, mainly the family audiences

The story of Oh Baby begins with  a 70 year old Baby( Lakshmi) who is caring , dominating and loud , gone through a big struggle to raise her only son ( Rao Ramesh),keeps criticising  her Daughter-in – law regarding taking care of her son and cooking. Though she shares very good relationship with her grandson( Teja Sajja), her granddaughter has problems with her .Things turn worse when granddaughter  asks her to leave as she thinks baby to be the main reason behind her mother’s tension and hospitalisation . She has a good childhood friend ( Rajendra prasad) who runs a canteen with her and  has been supporting her throughout. While Baby keeps blaming god for her continuous struggles in life, some strange things happen and she transforms herself into a 20 year  old something beautiful lady ( Samatha Akkineni)

Now that she has got a chance to lead a new life, does she make up for her previous struggle? What kind of people she has to deal with? Does her new found look benefit her family? Does she wish to get back to her original life and how is it possible?

This is a fun filled ride dealing with sensitive human relationships. We have possessive mother who has gone through a lot in life, good son who understands her struggle and caught between wife and mother. There is another mother who keeps boasting about her son settled in the US, actual facts disclosed after her death, shows another face of relationships. When group of physiotherapy students discussing about taking care of  old people in a strange manner, simply reflects the mentality of the section of present day  youth . It is about the dreams of a lady and how she simply forgets herself in raising her son , who some point of time wants to live her own life

This is one of  Samantha akkineni ‘s finest performances and sure to win her many awards. She looks cute and her lively act elevates the standards of this fun filled emotional ride. The amount of hard work that has gone into getting baby perfect on the screen is so evident. That scene when she get drunk at Naga shaurya’s place could be rated as the most funniest scene and Samantha is in full form. She even handles emotional scenes so well which makes you cry in the climax scene. Simply brilliant!!!. She is ably supported by a solid supporting cast. Veterans Laxmi and Rajendra Prasad  are delightful to watch. It is Teja sajja who gets fantastic  opportunity to showcase his talent.Rao Ramesh is first rate. Naga Shaurya  is adorable

Nandini reddy has efficiently handled her talented team and the end product is a clear winner. The way she has executed funny scenes, different set of sensitive relationships is simply outstanding. Despite the long running time she has managed the pace with loads of humour and emotions. Music  by Mickey J Meyer is good

Take this fun filled ride with the brilliant Samanta Akkineni and the whole bunch of talented people

Must Watch!!!!!!

Verdict : 3.5 Stars

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