Paava Kadhaigal Movie Review

Paava Kadhaigal Movie Review ( 3.5/5)–  Bold and Thought-provoking with some fabulous performances

Anthology films are really a treat to watch as it is always a combination of talented bunch of artists coming together with good subjects. Paava Kadhigal has multiple talented directors, stellar star cast and a thought-provoking subject cleverly narrated in four independent stories. The core plot deals with family’s honour and the people dealing with it in their own ways, crossing all the limits at times

Vaanmagal directed by Gautam Menon talks about a simple family where in the typical housewife Mathi( Simran) knows how to deal with her family very well . Taking extra care about her daughters she keeps guiding them and educates them how to be careful and at times takes it too far when she tells them to behave like girls , setting clear rules that makes them daughters in the society. A traumatic incident involving one of the daughters shatters the family. Initially not knowing how to react to the incident, Mathi and her husband ( Gautam menon ) start treating their daughter in a strange manner .  How does the entire family as a unit start showing extra maturity in dealing with the situation and what kind of bold decisions they take forms the rest of the story

Vaanmagal is truly engaging in terms of content and the family becoming restless after the incident .Director Gautam Menon has been successful in playing mind games with the audience when the family members become desperate .not knowing how to react to the situation, various thoughts keep flashing in front of them. The emotions that a family goes through have been brilliantly told which is backed by some fantastic performances. Not exposed to such a situation before, showing a lot of desperation and fear about the society , Simran is in a superior form . She shows her brilliance while trying to clean her daughter continuously and gradually starts taking control of the situation.  .Gautam  Menon who is guilt driven after the incident shows a lot of maturity when he tries explain his young daughter about a complex thing in a most simple manner

Directed by Sudha Kongara , Thangam deals with love story of hindu boy( Shanthanu Bhagyaraj) and muslin girl which has a third angle in form of Sathar ( Kalidas Jayaraman) who  is a childhood friend of Sathar and Saira’s brother. When the whole village mocks him for his appearance, Sathar finds support from Saravanan who treats him like a good friend. As he starts accumulating money for the operation after which he plans to settle with saravanan, there is a shock when his friend reveals about his love for Saira . What is the reaction of Sathar as he is losing his only hope in life? How does the couple deal with the society which is against the inter-caste marriage and expected to turn violent?

Thangam is truly a bold move where a gay character plays a vital role in the story. Filled with love, sacrifice and amount of trauma Sathar has to go through in the society. Kalidas jayaram delivers a knock out performance clearly expressing whole range of emotions.Just one scene where saravan hugs and thanks him, the reaction from Sathar which sums up his whole life ,Kalidas jayaram is simply top class at this point. This act has to be one of his career best performances. Shanthanu Bhagyarj is first rate getting an opportunity to showcase his talent in the brilliantly pictured river sequence where he breaks down completely

Directed by Vetrimaaran ,Oor Iravu starts with a father( Praksh raj) visiting his pregnant daughter ( Sai Pallavi)  who had married her love against his will and completely lost touch with her family . After knowing about her pregnancy, father wants to arrange for a baby shower function and and shocking events follow during her visit to her home town

The treatment here is truly like a suspense thriller where the audience is anxiously waiting to know what happens next. Backed by some good natural performances from Prakash Raj and Sai Pallavi , this one is decent watch , disturbing in end though . However with a an interesting start , one would have expected more from the story which ends abruptly

Directed by Vignesh Shivan , Love Panna Uttranum   narrates the story of twin sisters( Anjali) and the reaction of their father who is guided by a team who are honour killing specialists. Among the sisters, one lives with her father in village who talks to her father about her driver boyfriend for which she gets a positive response. For some reasons , twins who are not on talking terms has a mediator Penelope ( Kalki Koechlin) who is close to girl living in Mumbai . Having agreed to the proposal, angry father has some really violent plans and decides to kill her .At the same time, the city girl land up in her village along with Penelope and another crazy looking friend. When the team of friends discover things happening around, there is another shocking revelation. How does the sick father responds to a bold decision from his other daughter forms the rest of the story

Starts on an interesting note with some gripping moments, it gradually loses the momentum in the middle. There is a real big twist in the end which is hilarious diluting the impact of the main subject. Kalki Koechlin is perfectly cast and Anajali plays her part quite well

All the four independent stories define the word “honour” in various ways and different steps taken by the family members to safeguard honour makes this Anthology movie a worth watch. Most interesting part is the treatment of the stories and all of them have been dealt like a thriller with a lot curiosity and manages to confuse the audience who are eager to know some of the decisions taken by the central characters.

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