Pailwaan Movie Review

The commercial entertainers with a relevant social message have been highly impactful. Pailwaan ,Starring Sudeep and Suniel Shetty  shows the life of wrestler who takes up boxing for a specific cause and let us check if director S .Krishna has a winner in hands

The story begins with Sarkaar ( Suniel Shetty) spotting a brave kid Krishna( Sudeep) winning a fight against couple of older kids. With a keen eye for spotting the talent, Sarkar starts treating him as his own son , gets him trained to become a professional wrestler. Having realised his potential, Sarkaar wants Krishna to concentrate and win the National Championship. However, Krishna falls for a bubbly rich girl Rukmini( Akansha Singh)  after couple of hilarious incidents. When Rukmini;s father ( Avinash)discovers about their relationships, after  failed attempts to convince Krishna forget Rukhmini , takes the matter to Sarkar .With the preparation for the championship on full swing , Krishna meets with an accident causing minor injuries. Despite that, he takes on self-proclaimed King and a successful wrestler Rana ( Sushanth Singh)in his Own backyard. After winning the event, he lands up at the Rukmini’s wedding , takes full control of the proceedings

In parallel, we have a boxing coach( Sharat) who is totally upset with his ace student Tony ( Kabir Dhuan Singh), starts looking for a talented , more disciplined student to counter Tony . He gets to know about Krishna and his superb achievements, makes up his mind to get him trained for the Boxing championship

How does Sarkar take Krishna getting married to Rukmini? What are the other consequences and impact on Krishna due to this Marriage? How does Rana take his defeat against Krishna?  Under what circumstances does Krishna agree to take up Boxing?  How does he adopt himself to extend his winning campaign in the new sport?

Pailwaan has a lot to offer, two popular sports and the related events,cute love story , relationship between the coach and his student , above all a solid social cause. Director S, Krishna has made it look grand and colourful during the first half , and second half has  a lot of focus  on sentiments and the noble cause. It is known fact that talents kids, harbouring the dream of making it big in sports, fail due to various problems, mainly financial issues, and some even end up take up daily wage jobs. Someone badly needed to stand up for these kids has been beautifully highlighted in the movie. Director Krishna and Pailwaan are simply unsupportable after the meaningful song Druvathare, clearly indicating the plight of the talented kids .The minor flaws being, back to back songs in the first half impacting the pace which picks up tremendously towards the Interval point

Pailwaan is Sudeep show all the way. Big thumbs up for the sheer hard work and determination needed to play a champion wrestler and a boxer.  Kudos to him for handling the spectrum of emotions in a much controlled and matured  manner. With lot of patience, the way he handles every situation, reflects the basic character of a good sports person. He is elegantly supported by Suniel shetty , delivering one of his finest performances . It is a double dhamaka when   they complement each other .Akansha Singh with a good screen presence, comes up with a decent performance. Sushant Singh and Kabir Duan Singh are impressive. Appanna excels with his perfect comic timing. Rest of star cast including sharath and Avinash play their roles well

Pailwaan  is a complete paisa vasool mass entertainer which will never disappoint you

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