Panga Movie Review( 3.5/5): Kangana Ranaut’s fine performance looks so simple yet powerful

What happens when a sportsperson turned house wife after shouldering the family responsibilities for several years would like to stage a comeback, the hurdles faced in the path of fulfilling her dreams and the kind of family support needed is the core plot of Kangana Ranaut starrer Panga directed by Ashwiny Iyer.

The Movie starts with the happy middle class family going through their routine , loving husband  Prashanth( Jassie Gill) who takes regular kicks  from his wife Jaya Nigam ( Kangana Ranaut)  at night and their little kid Adi who enjoys all the attention yet finds it too much when his mother is overprotective about him ,knowing about his health issues. After that bad experience with her strict boss about delayed reporting at office, Jaya avoids taking leave for Adi’ s sports day. Not knowing the exact reason for his mother’s absence, Adi gets angry and says something about her work which is truly insulting for a mother who has sacrificed her career for the family. When Adi gets to know about his mother being a star Kabaddi player who has played at international level, he takes up an interesting topic of his mother playing her favourite sport again. Initially, Jaya starts something to convince her kid, gradually starts getting really serious about starting it all over again. She also find major support from her friend and coach Meenu ( Richa Chadda ) who starts motivating and guiding her  . The inspirational story of Jaya fighting for a strong back against all odds, the kind of family support which is so crucial and various other factors form the crux of the story

Director Ashwiny Iyer has been impactful while showing the inspirational comeback from a spirited house wife in a wonderful manner. Apart from the core plot, there are some other issues highlighted, take the case of arrogant reply from the kid insulting hid mother’s profession and the same kid after made to realise more about her sacrifice takes a matured decision. Although the kid’s behaviour may look like it has been exaggerated a bit, the fact is present day kids are exactly like him. Also the scene when Jaya’s boss clearly does not hesitate to tell her she is not playing anymore and is expected to behave like any other employee, clearly reflecting any sportsperson getting into a specific job with their exceptional talent is a normal employee once they stop playing .During the comeback when Jaya realises she has to play an intelligent game clearly working on proper tactics instead of speed makes sense.

However, In case of Jaya the magnitude of Panga is also comparatively less as she manages to get full support from the family which may not be the usual case .After coupe of injuries to other star players, Jaya taking centre stage looks like an indication that a comeback also depends on luck factor which is true, but showing two major injuries was bit too much. Regarding the Captain not so happy with jaya for her own reasons is somewhat understandable but disrespecting a former international player and taunting her is not acceptable

Kangana clearly shines as Jaya, her performance looking so simple, yet powerful. Her expressions when her little kid says something very hurting , getting angry on her loving husband when he gets it wrong at Adi’s  school event, maturity while handling the captain who keeps taunting her , she proves yet again her versatility as an actress. Yagya Bhasin playing the role of Adi is an amazing talent and clearly the star of the movie. As a caring husband and father, Jassie gill is so natural and fits perfectly into the role. Richa chadda as the energetic and fit coach is simple first rate. Supremely talented Neena Gupta is wasted in an insignificant role.

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