Ponmangal Vandhal Movie Review (3/5) – Jyothika’s commanding performance lifts this courtroom Thriller

Ponmangal Vandhal  Movie Review (3/5) –  Jyothika’s commanding performance lifts this courtroom Thriller  

Any interesting plot with an intense courtroom drama which is high on emotion quotient, mystery surrounding serial killings and awareness about social issue with Jyothika taking centre stage is  Ponmagal Vandhal all about

The movie begins with an interesting note , CCTV  cameras capturing a women escaping with a kid who kills two youngsters which later becomes a sensational news in ooty branding her as a psycho killer responsible for the deaths of several missing children . It is after 15 years things start heating up with the local girl Venba ( Jyohika ) along with the strong backing from petition Pethuraj( K,Bhagyaraj) makes a brave attempt to reopen the case . Despite knowing the fact that she has to take the wrath of all parents who had lost their kids and also the involvement of high profile people who would go to nay extent to shut the case, Venba kick starts her mission to uncover the truth as she    thinks the women was wrongly accused .When the popular political leader( Thaigarajan) starts  sensing venba’s abilities, he tries to get in touch with shrewd lawyer  Rajarathinam (R.Parthiban) and convinces him to confront venba making sure that any information affecting his public figure should not be exposed. As the case proceeds, a lot of interesting, less known facts starts surfacing which makes the high profile serial killings really interesting

Why is Venba interested in the open and shut case and starts fighting for justice after 15 years? Who is behind the serial killings of Innocent children? How does Venba gather the required evidence against guilty to expose the real culprits?

The movie definitely has its moments with fair amount of suspense which is not completely unpredictable though, intense and more emotional courtroom scenes ,timely twists one at the interval point and other towards the climax ,last but not the least , fantastic performances from the lead cast .Director J.J Fredrick makes sure that the first half is thoroughly gripping with twists and some interesting courtroom moments. One expects more of high voltage courtroom confrontations in the second half but director shifts focus to emotional quotient. Even the shrewd lawyer like Rajarathnam bowing out easily is not at all convincing

Jyothika is commendable trying to uncover the truth ,clearly makes an impact with those sarcastic and clever expressions . She is equally good in the emotional scenes, her outburst and helplessness clearly evident in the second half. She is strongly supported by Bhagyaraj , Prathap Pothen , Parthiban and Thaigarajan. It would have been more interesting to see powerful arguments between Jyothika and Parthiban in the second half that would have taken the courtroom thriller to  another level

The movie still has sufficient stuff to keep the viewer’s entertained and will be liked by audience with special liking for suspenseful courtroom thrillers

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