Psycho Movie Review: Mysskin’s spine-chilling thriller is definitely not for the faint hearted

Director Mysskin’s latest outing has an exciting premise with a deadly serial killer at loose and a honest visually challenged lover with the help of a wheelchair-bound officer trying to hunt him down .Let us analyse if this psycho thriller has got something new to offer in terms of content and also exploring the mind of a serial Killer

The movie is bang on target with the serial killer( Rajkuar Pitchumani) beheading his newly found victim and keeping her head as a trophy for his sinful act. When the cold blooded killer is on a killing spree, popular radio Jockey ( Dahini)invites a famous Psychiatrist to her show to discuss in detail about the Serial Killer’s gruesome act and choice of victims. There is this visually challenged Gautam( Udhaynidhi Stalin) who keeps following  Dahini simply wanting to express his true love . Initially, Dahini mistakes Gautam for stalking her, after knowing his true feelings for her, she throws a new challenge of meeting her at the next destination based on the clues given in her show. When Gautam reaches the place, she is already kidnapped by the Psycho killer. There is a big surprise for the cops when they find a prostitue’s body clearly indicating Dahini must be still alive and now Gautam has the uphill task to rescue his lover from the killer, who has left no clues at all and the cops still trying hard to find any trace about him. When Gautam gets to know about officer Kamala Das ( Nithya Menon)who was previously handling this case , he seeks her help to hunt down the monster . After convincing the able wheelchair-bound officer  who initially is reluctant to help him , the small team has to start their investigation to trace the footprints of the deadly Serial Killer which is a real big ask taking into account some of their limitations

Why did the Killer choose to keep Dahini alive? How do Gautam and Kamal Das start their investigation from scratch?  During the process investigation, how are they able to discover the crucial clues leading to the killer?  Is there any reason behind the sinful act that makes normal looking guy such a huge monster? Apart from Dahini who else has been held captive by the Killer?

Director Myskin’s thriller which is definitely not for the weak hearted has got some real scary moments with unexpected sudden shocking jolts. Apart from those disturbing scenes involving the monster, an interesting investigative procedure and exploring the mind motivating the gruesome act which is highly suspenseful manages to hold the viewers’ attention till the end. The choice of characters has been really interesting which includes a visually challenged man and a wheelchair-bound officer who are up against the deadly killer . Although there are no dull moments, the movie shifts into top gear after the investigation starts with full swing making this one clearly an edge of a seat thriller

However, when it comes to exploring the Killer’s mind, Director has been partially successful creating some doubts in the minds of the viewer. The incidents shown cannot be directly related to the choice of high profile victims which may lead to some confusion

The Movie is mainly centred on the killer and Rajkumar Pitchumani has done a pretty decent job. He is really good in some scenes when more details about him are revealed in the second half. Udhayanidhi stalin plays his part quite well, some extra punch was needed in his act though. Nitya Menon is simply first rate, watch out for the scene when she breaks down after Gautam is on the verge of giving up sighting his weakness. Not knowing how to show her helplessness at times, Nitya Menon gets that expression perfectly right. Aditya Rao Hydari is strictly Okay, convincing in the climax

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