Putham Pudhu Kaalai Movie Review

Putham Pudhu Kaalai Movie Review ( 3.5/5) – Terrific performances redefine relationships during lockdown

A lot has been talked about the damage done by the on-going pandemic situation but as far as the different human relationships are concerned, it has been able to explore, give a new meaning by handling them in a more matured manner during the lockdown.  This movie beautifully demonstrates the handling of various relationships, sentiments and some issues effectively using five independent stories

The movie opens with an aged couple ( Jayaram, Urvashi) after shouldering enough responsibilities in their respective lives want some real happiness and youthful energy back, forced to execute their plans during  the lockdown . The next story is about a grandfather( M.S. Baaskar) and his granddaughter ( Ritu Verma) who comes to stay with him in the lockdown period during which there is total transformation in their relationship leading to a new beginning. A strong mother who is in a coma  , three daughters( Suhasini, Anu hasan, Shruti haasan) and her husband dealing with her illness forms the plot of the third story. A lot of issues like dyslexia, late born children and the different approach in dealing with the patients makes this one really interesting. The next story deals with an unexpected meeting of two college friends and have to spend some time together due to the present situation  and how a good reunion helps to cope up and fight life .The last story which is slightly different from the previous ones shows how a miracle can change lives of people

Each story with a backdrop of lockdown situation has been beautifully dealt with, making the audience strongly connect with the characters and their emotions. The matured couple enjoying their life also trying to correct themselves has some great performances from Jayaram and Urvashi . The new concept of portraying their youthful act through young stars Kalidas and Kalyani Priyadarshan is truly appealing. However, if the senior actors had given the chance to shows their emotions that would have added extra brilliance to their performance. Those interactions between M.S. Baaskar and Ritu verma has come out really well  with former’s spectrum of expressions ranging from formal talks to opening up , bridging the generation gap leading to a new relationship . The third story races slightly ahead in terms of content and performances. Apart from indifferent way of treating patients, issues related to dyslexia ,what really makes the difference is the case of late born children , their dilemma  that has been handled superbly. Again, the entire star cast has delivered but shurthi hasan steals the show when she wishes her mother which is the best scene of the movie, truly amazing. The fourth story is highly realistic talks about youngsters, unable to handle pressure falling prey to the drugs and a fresh reunion helping a lot to deal with the problems in life. Both Gurucharan  and Andrea Jeremiah are first rate playing the simple introvert and bubbly extrovert characters efficiently. The last one goes comparatively off-track , would have been much better if some other set of emotions were considered and incorporated into the story

A nice feel god movie that makes you think, rediscover some of the relationships ,above average performances and solid direction makes this one a clear winner

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