Puzhu Movie Review ( 3.5/5)

Puzhu Movie Review ( 3.5/5) – Mammootty’s brilliance , different subject with a mystery element makes this a worth watch

Understanding human mind and behavioural pattern is quite complicated as we all know. Adding to this is the parenting gone wrong horribly which have been demonstrated beautifully in the new malayalam crime thriller streaming on SonlyLiv. Directed by Ratheena PT,the movie stars Mammootty and Paravathy in the lead roles

Kuttan is a strict police officer taking care of his son after his wife’s death. Suffering from breathing issues, seemingly irritating and sadistic officer is an endless torture for his son Kichu .When his sister who left Kuttan and married a theatre artist returns back to his building, he becomes more restless. Looks like someone is really after him as several attempts to kill him through various methods are unsuccessful. However, clearly terrified father starts investigating himself to identify the person who wants him killed so desperately. What happens next forms the rest of the story

This crime thriller is perfect mixture of understanding human psychology, some of the common mistakes in parenting adding good amount of suspense. Those initial scenes involving kuttan dealing with his little kid have been handled so well that we feel really bad for little kichu for the kind of torture he is going through . The movie while exploring Kuttan’s behaviour through his actions is what keeps the audience engaged throughout. It is not possible to conclude if this character is abnormal or just a confused parent. His odd behaviour also could be due to the health problems, losing his wife early and so on. The climax would leave the audience puzzled looking for answers what exactly happened during the last few scenes. Even writers are bit confused as there are couple of scenes when the strict father after realising his son has started hating him , tries to change himself with a friendly approach. This was only couple of scenes and that never suits his basic character and not justified. Interesting factor is when he is opens up with his kid about how he scarified a lot for his son by not remarrying and at this point he is more of a normal confused parent. Most of the parents want their sacrifice to be acknowledged which is natural but unnecessary pressure on the kid at a very young age could do only harm. in spite of handling kichu very badly which probably he Is not aware of, his open minded conversations with his mother , heath issues  and those expressions after realising his son hates him , audience would feel for him too . Apart from the suspense involving who is trying to kill Kuttan , mental fluctuations and his various decisions keeps the audience guessing  till the end

Mammotty delivers one of the finest performances essaying the complex character effortlessly. A normal looking character behaving abnormally has to be dealt with carefully; this is perfection to the core. With those clearly irritated looks of an unhappy soul and to give an example how powerful this performance has been is the scene when kuttan discovers his son has gone out to watch drama and that is sure to the make the audience nervous thinking about what could happen to kichu later. Parvathy playing Kuttan’s sister comes up with a neat, matured and natural act .Appunni Sasi as her adorable caring husband is impressive

With an interesting story about the human relationships and behaviour, good suspense and brilliant Mammootty  Puzhu is a worth  watch

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