Raat Baaki Hai Movie Review( 2.5/5)

Raat Baaki Hai Movie Review( 2.5/5) : Simple Murder Mystery with stuning visuals and decent performances

Raat Baaki Hai as the title suggests revolves around the events that take place during the night after the murder of a famous film actress in a grand palatial hotel. The movie opens with Inspector Ahlawat who has to rush to the hotel where a famous actress Vani has been violently murdered. While investigating the case, seemingly irritating and short tempered officer discovers that the actress was getting engaged to a popular writer karthik . Not knowing how to react to this situation, Karthik tries to escape and is desperate to leave the city. When his plan fails, he lands up in the palace of Raja Sujan , expecting the powerful personality to help him  and there is shocker for him when he realises that Sujan ‘s wife is someone who knows very well. Meanwhile, Inspector also starts interrogating producer Rehan one of the possible suspects

While investigating the case, what prompts the investigating officer to tamper with evidence? Does Karthik Mange to get any help from Sujan?  Why is Rehan considered as a suspect? What kind of details start emerging during the conversation between karthik and Vasuki ? Who killed Vani and would it be possible for officer to punish the real murderer forms the rest of the story

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This murder Mystery has a short running time of about 90 minutes. The movie give an initial feel of being slow but gathers momentum with the investigation process. The suspense element is good but one can start partially predicting the things in the middle. Don’t witness too many twists in the tale but the viewer is still anxious to know more details about the crime. I would call it a simple and neat murder mystery as it is engaging without multiple suspects and no action sequences at all .completely shot in the night, the movie has stunning visuals. Those beautifully lit Palace and hotel, shots involving  deserted roads  have been well shot .There are some scenes which are not easy to digest , especially the way Rehan starts behaving with a popular actress on her engagement day and also the manner in which Karthik reacts after the incident . Being drunk, fails to justify this act from two characters who know the glamour world so well

Some of the performances from the lead stars elevate the standards of this murder mystery. Rahul Dev as a seemingly irritating cop is impressive. Anup Soni is perfect showing his desperation after the murder and also violent behaviour in some situations. Paoli Dam is essaying role of Vasuki and some may find her performance melodramatic but that is justified as she is a part of the royal family . Same goes for Sameer Malhotra who is perfectly cast as Sujan , looks classy which is one of the basic requirements for the role. Saurabh Sachdeva is simply first rate playing role of producer Rehan , he is impressive in that scene when he misbehaves with Vani and also when Officer starts questioning about the incident


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