Rakshasudu Movie Review – Bellamkonda Sreenivas excels in this Spine chilling thriller

Rakshasudu Movie Review – Bellamkonda Sreenivas excels in this Spine chilling thriller

Psycho Thrillers with an interesting script makes them an engaging watch . Rakshasudu falls in that genre which is stuffed with all the necessary ingredients making it a spine chilling thriller

The movie starts with a bang with the mutilated body of a teenage girl found inside a concrete Pipe. Post mortem report reveals the victim being mercilessly tortured which makes the doctor believe it is some kind of a demonic activity. This guy Arun ( Bellamkonda Sreenivas) who does a lot of research on Serial killers , prepares a good script based on this subject, is in search of a potential producer to finance his dream film. When he fails to get one, becomes a cop , thanks to his father and his brother-law.  When more mutilated bodies of girls are recovered, Arun having in-depth knowledge about psycho killers is able to connect with the killer’s signature which is a doll with the face matching the tortured victims. His naughty niece Siri gets him in trouble when she forces him to forge her father ‘s signature on her  report card .  Initially her teacher Krishnaveni( Anupama Parameshwaran)  is upset with him, but it is the couple of incidents including  the one  where Arun saves her from  goons  brings them closer. Things take an interesting turn when one more girl is kidnapped and Krishnaveni , who is close to the kidnapped girl, recalls some interesting details about the auto taken by the kidnapped girl. All the clues point towards the pervert sadistic teacher ( Vinod Sagar) who keeps molesting his underperforming students. After being arrested, he is shot dead while trying to escape from the police custody. When everybody is relieved, fresh kidnapping takes place. Who is the victim this time? Why does killer target school going teenage girls? How does Arun and his team hunt down the killer?

Rakshasudu with several twists and turns keeps you guessing all the time. It is so gripping, forcing to hold your breath till until the terrific climax. When you are convinced that the identity of killer will soon be revealed, it proves you wrong with another surprise which is the real beauty of this suspense thriller

Director Ramesh varma gives us a spine chilling thriller full of twists and suspense, thanks to the brilliant writing by Ramkumar. Although the movie about 150 minutes long, not even a single dull moment speaks volumes about the solid screenplay and efficient direction. Ghibran’s highly effective background music sends shivers down the spine, makes Rakshasudu a truly engaging watch

Bellamkonda sreenivas   gives his best playing the role of an investigating officer. He is perfect in expressing desperation, anger, helpless and anxiety while trying to hunt down a killer on loose. With his toned Physique, he excels in action scenes as well.. Anupa Parameshwaran as a dignified teacher, who helps Arun in his Investigation, gets good scope and plays her part well. It is Vinod Sagar’s pervert teacher act which is highly impressive. Rajeev Kanakala is excellent , look out for his performance when B sreenivas and him are simply uncontrollable when a tragedy hits their family. Suzzane George as an egoistic officer is fist rate

Overall, Simply superb Psycho thriller providing wholesome entertainment

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